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Roman Empire Questions & Answers

Can you complete the sentence?__________ was a very able ruler, whose thriftness restored the economy. He also recruited senators from western provinces, and was very loyal.This question...
A series of typos in the questions and worse of all Vespasian is a wrong anwer because whoeever who set the quiz was so stupid they think he was called Vespian.
What Latin expression means that everyone should obey Roman laws?
Manus Domini would be the correct answerthe pax romana was a period in Ancient Roman history where no wars were being fought in the Roman Empire. This led to the spread of Christianity and great advancements in technology and the arts
How many people were in the Roman Senate?
The roman senate was a huge gathering of important people. These people were considered the wise members of the nation and were entrusted with all the important decision making. There were about 60 members and each member was called a senator. They r