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Ancient Greece has a huge importance for the history of humanity. The Greeks gave the world some of history’s greatest minds and some of the most famous warriors. From Leonidas, to Alexander the Great, ancient Greece boasts men of great valor. Almost every science known to man nowadays took its name from a Greek word because they were the first to practice them in Ancient Greece.

Check out some of the questions that you’ll be facing: What was the name of the famous person of Hellenic nationality that conquered the entire known world in antiquity? What was the year when Greece gained independence from the Ottomans? Around how many islands does Greece currently have? Run through all the questions answer them and shout out so the whole world can hear: Nenikikamen!
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Following the end of our chapter on ancient Greece it is now time for the continuous assessment test. The test should take you one and a half hours and the results will have an effect on your final grade at the end of the...

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    1. What effect did the geography of Greece have on its early development? 

Do you know anything about Ancient Greece? Could you pass this quiz? Ancient Greece has a rich history, with many examples of all of the things we have obtained through learning it, and this includes Socrates, Alexander the...

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    Why was trade nearly impossible in ancient Greece?

You must score at least an 80% before moving on to the next assignment.   

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    How does the physical geography of Greece effect its development?

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    I was the king of an island civilization that had a famous palace at Knossos ... 

This is the perfect trivia quiz for you to see what do you know about Sparta and Athens. Most people know about the roman empire's contribution when it came to the two cities and the fighting pits that offered entertainment...

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    Sparta traded for things they didnt have.

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Ancient Greece Questions & Answers

Who could participate in Government issues in Athens?
Men who were citizens and over the age of 18. Athenian democracy started in the fifth century BC in the Greek city-state of Athens, comprising the city of Athens and the surrounding territory of Attica, and is the first known democracy in the world.
What was the most important aspect of life in Sparta? Lycurgus, a lawgiver from the city-state of Sparta, thought education for boys should teach them how to fight. The historian Plutarch...
A spartan man devoted their life to military service. Spartan men were taught that loyalty to the state came first including in front of loyalty towards the family. All of Spartans men were raised as professional soldiers. Military training for them
Why was facilitating trades nearly impossible in ancient Greece?
The correct answer to the question “Why was facilitating trades nearly impossible in ancient Greece?” is letter B or because mountain ranges made transportation difficult and the rivers were dried up. Since ancient Greece was covered with
What are the names of the bodies of water that surround Greece?
The country of Greece is surrounded by a variety of waterways and contains many islands and mountains. The Ionian Sea is found on the western coast of Greece and shares a boundary with Italy. The Aegean Sea is along the eastern and northern coast of
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