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It was one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They gave us magnificent constructions such as the pyramids or the sphinx and people are still wondering how they managed to construct all of these. There are so many questions left unanswered about Egypt and it is now your job to do this.

Give as many correct answers as possible to pass our Egypt quiz and become champion. What is the main river in Egypt around which the ancient civilization flourished? Around what percentage of the total population of Egypt is gathered near the Nile?

What are the three main pyramids that can be found in the Valley of the Kings? Crown yourself pharaoh of all Egypt with our Egypt trivia quizzes.
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    What is the annual flooding of the Nile River called?

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    What was Imhotep's contribution to pyramid design?

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    Do you find yourself drawn to the arts? Do you like to draw, write, paint, construct pottery, etc?

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    What was King Tut father's name?

The Nile River

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    What is it called when the Nile river rises?

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Egypt Questions & Answers

How many countries border Egypt?
There are four countries that border Egypt namely the Palestinian territories or the Gaza Strip to the northeast, Israel to the northeast, Libya to the west and Sudan to the south. There are many cities in Egypt such as Aswan, Asyut, Cairo, Luxor, Po
What is the best time to visit Egypt?
If you are planning to visit Egypt but you don’t have any clue when it is the right time to go there, then you should definitely read this answer. Here, I will tell you when should you go to Egypt. Although tourists can visit Egypt at any month
What is frontalism?
A style of art
What is the total population of Egypt?
Egypt is a country in African that has a long history to it. It was a country that was part of the ancient times of history. There are many stories that came from Egypt. Egypt is located on the Nile River and many people live close to that river. It
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