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It was one of the oldest civilizations in the world. They gave us magnificent constructions such as the pyramids or the sphinx and people are still wondering how they managed to construct all of these. There are so many questions left unanswered about Egypt and it is now your job to do this.

Give as many correct answers as possible to pass our Egypt quiz and become champion. What is the main river in Egypt around which the ancient civilization flourished? Around what percentage of the total population of Egypt is gathered near the Nile?

What are the three main pyramids that can be found in the Valley of the Kings? Crown yourself pharaoh of all Egypt with our Egypt trivia quizzes.

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  • ทำตามเมื่อกี้นั้นละ
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  • Do you find yourself drawn to the arts? Do you like to draw, write, paint, construct pottery, etc?

  • What do you prefer, to lead with complete control over a situation, or manage a situation with direction from others?

  • Do you like to work with your hands, meaning you like to build or construct things from scratch?

  • Because one physical feature was so vital to ancient settlers of Egypt adn Kush, most of their settlements were
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  • Which of these was part of the topography of ancient Egypt?
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  • Which of these words best describes the environment of the Nile Delta?
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  • What is it called when the Nile river rises?
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  • What sea does the Nile River flow into?
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  • Name the first dam built on the Nile river
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