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Africa is the place where humans first appeared. And with the first humans we can imagine that the first questions appeared as well. How many questions can you answer about the second biggest continent on the globe? Do you know enough about Africa to get through all of these quizzes?

Just to make it a little easier for you we prepared a couple of sample questions for you. What is the approximate size of the African continent? What is the largest country in terms of surface in Africa? What is the country with the largest population in Africa? How many sovereign states are there in Africa?

Come with us to one of the most interesting continents and experience the real Africa by taking our quizzes.

This quiz that i put together might help you remeber the names of the capital and countries of East Africa which you would have to learn when you study Africa and Asia in 7th grade.Enjoy! 

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  • Sample Question
    What is the capital of Sudan?

Trade is one of the things that brought most colonizers to the African Continent and this was mainly because of the accessibility of transporting rare materials unique to the continent. The quiz below is from Bentley chapter...

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  • Sample Question
    In regard to gender issues in sub-Saharan Africa,

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    The most densly populated area of Africa is the area near

Quiz for exam la we go.

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    Early african nations and groups are refered to as a tribe despite the number of them or scope which they exist - tribes were colonial inventions

In ancient Africa most of the people lived in kingdoms within the communities and most people were farmers and not industrialists. During our studies we covered Africa’s history and geography. Take the quiz below and...

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  • Sample Question
    Kingdoms in West Africa relied on both local trade and

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Africa Questions & Answers

Why couldn't African countries stabilise their economies?
There are many reasons why African countries have trouble stabilizing their economies: civil wars and terrorism, endless corruption, lack of basic education and inadequacy of technical skills, lack of health care, poverty, geography, international ai
Why were the ancient kingdoms in western Africa so powerful?
D. They developed extensive trade in gold, ivory, and salt The powerful ancient kingdoms in western Africa are divided into three major empires, namely the Ghana Empire, the Mali Empire and the Songhai Empire. These kingdoms flourished because of t
What percentage of Africa was colonized by 1913?
The answer to this is 97%. You just have to base the answer on the given chart. You will add the different numbers that are stated. The numbers are 36+32+1+8+8+7+5+3. The sum of these numbers will be 97. It should be remembered that there are still s