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Related Topics

  • What is Eastern Nigeria's largest ethnic group?
    What is Eastern Nigeria's largest ethnic group?
    There are actually quite a few ethnic groups within Nigeria. There are more than 500 languages and hundreds of ethnic groups within Nigeria. However the largest of these groups is the Hausa. The Hausa equal around 67 million in population. They make up 25 percent of all of Nigeria's population and are scattered all across the country. All of the Hausa groups across the country are pretty similar to one another in customs and practices. They are known to raise cattle, grow crops, and do a lot of trading.

  • How do Nigerian people live?
    How do Nigerian people live?
    Most people live in rural areas Most homes in rural Nigeria are made of grass, dried mud, or wood and have roofs of asbestos cement sheets, corrugated metal, or thatch.

  • Which type of government is in Nigeria?
    Which type of government is in Nigeria?
    The National Assembly is Nigeria s legislature. The Assembly consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

  • Is the capital of Nigeria called Kano?
    Is the capital of Nigeria called Kano?
    FalseIt is Lagos, estimated to inhabit 11, 135,000 people

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