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This one is about Nigeria, a fascinating country located in West Africa. Nigeria is often referred to as the "Giant of Africa", due to its large population and economy. We prepared some questions for you in order to see how much do you know about this African country.

Here are just a couple of them: what is Nigeria’s national currency? What is its official language? Who was the first governor of a unified Nigeria? What is the capital of Nigeria? Where is Nigeria located? What colors are on the Nigerian flag? In what year did Nigeria gain independence? Which desert's edge is found at Nigeria's northernmost borderland? Find out more interesting things about Nigeria by answering all of the questions below.

A quiz for 6th grade students on nigeria

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    What is the main type of government in Nigeria?

The following questions are set to quickly and promptly test your knowledge on Nigeria. Other than having the largest population in Africa, what else do you know about this country? Find out below and all the best.

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    Nigeria is the most populous country on the African Continent 

This Quiz is with the intent that Quiz Takers should have deeper knowledge of  Nigeria.

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    What is the capital of Nigeria?

Africa's most populous nation comprises rain forests, swamps and savannas. Test your knowledge and don't forget to visit.

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    Nigeria is on:

Are you aged between 35-65? Have you met someone online and they are facing financial difficulty.� Have you offered or have they asked you to send money through Western Union transfer to Nigeria. Does that nagging doubt...

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Nigeria Questions & Answers

What is Eastern Nigeria's largest ethnic group?
There are actually quite a few ethnic groups within Nigeria. There are more than 500 languages and hundreds of ethnic groups within Nigeria. However the largest of these groups is the Hausa. The Hausa equal around 67 million in population. They make
Which type of government is in Nigeria?
The National Assembly is Nigeria s legislature. The Assembly consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
How do Nigerian people live?
Most people live in rural areas Most homes in rural Nigeria are made of grass, dried mud, or wood and have roofs of asbestos cement sheets, corrugated metal, or thatch.
Is the capital of Nigeria called Kano?
FalseIt is Lagos, estimated to inhabit 11, 135,000 people