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  • capital of Cape Verde?

  • Capital of mauritania?

  • capital of senegal?

  • One similarity between the ancient African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai is that all of these kingdoms were located ___________?

  • How did the ruler of Ghana profit from the trade routes that met in his empire?

  • A major trading town in the African savanna was?

  • Which West African Country was named for an ancient kingdom in the region
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  • Which of the following statements about the slave trade is false?
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  • Chose the answer that best completes this sentence. People in Ancient West Africa commonly traded salt for _______________. These two items were considered to be _____________ in value to each other.
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  • TRUE or FALSE: Timbuktu was a great cultural center in the empire of Mali.

  • TRUE or FALSE: The Atlantic slave trade had devastating effects on West Africa and finally ended in the 1800s.

  • TRUE or FALSE: The people of Nigeria belong to more than 250 ethnic groups and speak many different languages.