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  • Which West African Country was named for an ancient kingdom in the region
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  • Which of the following statements about the slave trade is false?
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  • Chose the answer that best completes this sentence. People in Ancient West Africa commonly traded salt for _______________. These two items were considered to be _____________ in value to each other.
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  • 1. Griots can be defined as
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  • 2. Griots contributed to West African societies by
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  • 3. The importance of sculptures was for
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  • 1. One cause of Ghana's growth of its empire is

  • A cause of the growth of the Ghana Empire is

  • 3. One reason for the decline of the Ghana Empire is

  • An area near the equator that has many trees and heavy rainfall may be called a

  • 3. The entire region south of a large north African desert is called

  • 4. A grassland with few trees where grazing animals may live is a