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Curious to see how you compare to one of South America’s most prestigious presidents? Nelson Mandela served as an incredible political leader and philanthropist who touched many lives during his reign of power. Although he was once held prisoner for over 26 years on Robben Island, Mandela won the Nobel Peace Prize in the year 1993. Take our quizzes to discover what you really know about this inspirational man.

As president, he primarily focused on improving the economic status, education and housing for the country’s large black population. After stepping down in 1999, he worked around the world to promote peace. What was the name of the charity that he opened for children? What day of the year is considered Nelson Mandela day? Measure your knowledge with our Nelson Mandela quizzes!

This quiz will help me understand what you know about Nelson Mandela and his influence in South Africa.

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    In what country was Nelson Mandela born?

Tests your knowledge about Nelson Mandela.

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    Where was Nelson Mandela born?

Nelson Mandela was one of the most known freedom fighters in the world. He served as the South African president and an anti-apartheid revolutionary. Much of his life is known through history lessons but how much do you know...

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    How many names was Nelson given through his life? 

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" He was one of the world's greatest leaders. What do you know about him?

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    In what year was Nelson Mandela born?

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    Nelson Mandela is 94?

Nelson Mandela Questions & Answers

Tell me all you remember about apartheid.
Apartheid was created by the British who colonized S. Africa. Any non-white people had little to no freedom. They had to carry passbooks everywhere to control the movement of the blacks. In Soweto, non-violent protesting students were fired at by sec