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“I cannot tell a lie”. Neither can we, that’s why our Abraham Lincoln quiz is as right and honest as it gets. Only fair questions here about the pride of American presidency. We’ve checked the history books, double checked them just to be sure and we’ve cooked up some nice challenges in the line of “Where was president Lincoln born?”, “What was the name of his murderer?

“Where did the shooting occur?”, “What’s one of Lincoln’s most admirable achievements?”, “Who succeeded him for presidency?”. Nothing wrong with a good ol’ set of questions to get your history sense tickling. Come up with the correct answers and who knows... maybe you’ll also be running for presidency. President of Quizzes, that is!

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Abraham Lincoln Questions & Answers

Why was Lincoln assassinated?
Lincoln’s assassination was part of a conspiracy to kill several other members involved in the presidency. John Wilkes Booth, the household name that everyone knows is one who killed Lincoln. However, there were several others who were a part o
Why was Abraham Lincoln not ready to negotiate with the Confederacy?
During a war that is quite hostile especially one that involves a civil war where a country is divided into two, it is quite dangerous to try to negotiate. This means that the two sides must send their leaders to face each other and talk to each othe
Why is the Gettysburg speech so famous?
The Gettysburg Address was famous not because so many people were around to hear it, but mainly because of the words within the speech. The battle at Gettysburg was the turning point for the Union side to win. It was a victory for the Union side due
What were the terms included in the Emancipation Proclamation?
The Civil War was fought in order to stop slavery. When the Civil War was underway, Lincoln wrote and presented the Emancipation Proclamation. Even though many people believe that this document was written to stop all slavery in the United States, it