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“I cannot tell a lie”. Neither can we, that’s why our Abraham Lincoln quiz is as right and honest as it gets. Only fair questions here about the pride of American presidency. We’ve checked the history books, double checked them just to be sure and we’ve cooked up some nice challenges in the line of “Where was president Lincoln born?”, “What was the name of his murderer?

“Where did the shooting occur?”, “What’s one of Lincoln’s most admirable achievements?”, “Who succeeded him for presidency?”. Nothing wrong with a good ol’ set of questions to get your history sense tickling. Come up with the correct answers and who knows... maybe you’ll also be running for presidency. President of Quizzes, that is!

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  • Why was Lincoln assassinated?
    Why was Lincoln assassinated?
    Lincoln’s assassination was part of a conspiracy to kill several other members involved in the presidency. John Wilkes Booth, the household name that everyone knows is one who killed Lincoln. However, there were several others who were a part of the killings that happened at the same time that Lincoln was being assassinated at Ford’s Theater. The vice president and another member were attacked. The conspirators were against Lincoln and his belief in anti-slavery. Therefore Booth and his conspirators decided to kill these people thinking that the South could go back to the way it was if Lincoln and a few others were no longer there to implement their plans. However, their ideas did not work since they were arrested and Lincoln’s idea continued.

  • Why was Abraham Lincoln not ready to negotiate with the Confederacy?
    Why was Abraham Lincoln not ready to negotiate with the Confederacy?
    During a war that is quite hostile especially one that involves a civil war where a country is divided into two, it is quite dangerous to try to negotiate. This means that the two sides must send their leaders to face each other and talk to each other. This may be one reason why Lincoln was not ready to negotiate with the Confederacy. Also, there needed to be a good time to negotiate with the other side. Usually, it takes over half of the war and when one side is obviously failing compared to the other side. Therefore, negotiations were attempted near the end of the war when the Confederacy was failing. The Confederacy did not show signs of wanting to negotiate until the end.

  • Why is the Gettysburg speech so famous?
    Why is the Gettysburg speech so famous?
    The Gettysburg Address was famous not because so many people were around to hear it, but mainly because of the words within the speech. The battle at Gettysburg was the turning point for the Union side to win. It was a victory for the Union side due to the large numbers of men who died on both side. However, many more died on the Confederate side. When Lincoln gave his speech, only a few people were around to hear it. It was stated at the site of the battle and he talked about the soldiers who died there as well as what should happen with the war after this battle. The speech did not become very famous until well after it was said to encourage others through the war.

  • What were the terms included in the Emancipation Proclamation?
    What were the terms included in the Emancipation Proclamation?
    The Civil War was fought in order to stop slavery. When the Civil War was underway, Lincoln wrote and presented the Emancipation Proclamation. Even though many people believe that this document was written to stop all slavery in the United States, it did not give that much freedom. It was written as an executive order on January 1, 1863 which was right in the middle of the Civil War. The main thing that this document and order do was to declare the enslaved African Americans in the southern states free. However, that may seem like all of the slaves were free, but there were states that were not part of the southern states that had slaves. This did not let them be free until the amendment was written years later.

  • When did Abraham Lincol start growing his iconic beard?
    When did Abraham Lincol start growing his iconic beard?
    Abraham Lincoln is known for several features. He is known for being very tall during this time as well as for his tall black hat, but most of all he is known for his beard. Abraham Lincoln didn’t always have a beard. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of photographs showing Lincoln clean-shaven. However, when Lincoln was wanting to be elected to presidency, a young girl about eleven years old wrote to the president trying to convince him in 1860 to grow a beard. The reason is because Lincoln appeared weak and have lines from his face due to concern. Lincoln began growing the beard at this point and covering up this part of his face so he would not look worried.

  • How did Lincoln win the presidency even though he was inexperienced in national affairs?
    How did Lincoln win the presidency even though he was inexperienced in national affairs?
    One of the main ways that Lincoln gained popularity with the people is by the Douglas Lincoln debates. Even though Lincoln lost this election for Douglas’s seat in Congress, his debates were widely attended by the people in the state. At this point, the people in Illinois grew to know and like Lincoln’s ideas and charisma. The trust that the people had with Lincoln is what helped Lincoln win the presidency. Also, the Democratic party was split with two candidates. That could have also been a problem for those who specifically voted by political party. Also, Lincoln’s charisma and stature also influenced voters. He gained popularity in Illinois through the Lincoln-Douglas debates. He also has served several main political offices which allowed him to gain popularity.

  • How did Lincoln strengthen the democracy?
    How did Lincoln strengthen the democracy?
    Lincoln strengthened the country even though at times it was divided. Lincoln listened to the people and had helped them to make decisions regarding the nation. Democracy is having the people vote and make decisions about the country. Since slaves were not given the freedom to make any decisions, winning the war would allow them to do so. This is how Lincoln strengthened democracy in the United States. Even though Confederates did not agree with Lincoln, they were experiencing democracy by getting to make decisions for themselves. However, sometimes it takes one side to make rules in order for the other side to understand their place in the democracy. Lincoln strengthened democracy in the United States by the choices he made with the citizens in the United States.

  • How did John Wilkes Booth get access to Lincoln's podium?
    How did John Wilkes Booth get access to Lincoln's podium?
    When Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, there were two main reasons John Wilkes Booth was able to assassinate Lincoln who was president and had a bodyguard because Lincoln had given the bodyguard a break. The bodyguard was next door during part of the play which gave John Wilkes Booth access to the balcony where Lincoln was watching the play. Also, John Wilkes Booth was a famous actor who acted frequently at the Ford Theater. So, it was not unusual to see Booth around the theater even if he wasn’t in the play. He also knew the theater well. He probably had free access to the theater. If someone saw Booth wandering around the theater even if it was close to Lincoln’s balcony, no one would think it was unusual.

  • Would Lincoln have kept slavery to avoid the civil war?
    Would Lincoln have kept slavery to avoid the civil war?
    No, Abraham Lincoln was against slavery and he seemed to think that there was nothing that could be done to avoid the civil war. He would never have given up on stopping slavery. The civil war was more than about slavery. The states were also fighting for states’ rights. Some states were against that. Lincoln really didn’t start the civil war, but he refused to give in to his beliefs. These were important issues that were violent toward innocent human beings. Even though the American Civil War was destructive and caused people to go against even their family members, it seemed that Lincoln knew what he was doing and he was doing the right thing. It is hard to imagine what the United States would be like if slavery didn’t end.

  • Could the Civil War be won without Lincoln's leadership?
    Could the Civil War be won without Lincoln's leadership?
    Most likely the Civil War could not have been won without Abraham Lincoln’s leadership. Through Abraham Lincoln, the Union soldiers and generals were able to use Lincoln’s strategies to win the war. Also, Lincoln’s contributions went further than that. His charisma and trust he had with the people allowed more and more people to follow his ideas about the country. Also, Lincoln was able to train his generals and leaders. Even though the South had better leaders who were graduated from West Point, Lincoln’s training allowed the generals to learn through him. It is hard to believe that the North could have won the war without Lincoln, but Lincoln was very well-known to the citizens and they trusted him and were willing to volunteer for the war.

  • How popular was Lincoln with other politicians?
    How popular was Lincoln with other politicians?
    Depending upon when you viewed Lincoln’s popularity, this would determine how much other politicians respected him. Early on in Lincoln’s career in politics and other ventures, other politicians did think very highly of Lincoln or had much respect for him. He lost several key offices during some of the elections. One of those was for Douglas’s seat in Congress. He spent a lot of time debating with Douglas. He lost to Douglas but only by a few votes. Also, there were times when Lincoln held a political office and then at the end of his term he went back to a position that did not involve politics. At this time, other politicians did not support him because he was not serious about politics.

  • How did Lincoln win re-election even though he was opposed?
    How did Lincoln win re-election even though he was opposed?
    At the time of the re-election, the Civil War in the United States was still going on. Although, it was about to end in the next year. Even though many citizens had suffered through the Civil War, they realized the need for it. In 1864 when Lincoln had already been president for four years, he actually easily won the re-election. One way he did this was by being apart of the National Union Party which was now made up of republicans and several democrats. Since this party took away several democrats, there were not as many democrats to vote for the Democratic candidate for president. This was George McClellan. Lincoln easily won the electoral votes. However, he only slightly won the popular vote with 55%.

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