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Do you believe that the past is the key to the future? Are you interested in knowing how we came to where we are? Are you curious about your ancestors? Or never heard of the Pilgrim Fathers? Think the Mayflower is a plant? See no relation with a queen and Virginia state? Can’t exactly date the Civil War? Get the US Presidents all mixed up?

Take these quizzes on American history and find out the most outstanding information. Whether you want to test your knowledge or to fill in the blanks on your history data, there is surely something here for you. You will marvel with these questions and answers about building a nation and defining its role in the world. Gain perspective and enjoy yourself!

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  • Why were the League of Nations and the United Nations created? A. to end world hunger B. to prevent future wars C. to unify the world economy D. to spread democracy in the world

  • How did the Pure Food and Drug Act change the way government regulated business? A. The government prevented businesses from raising prices due to research and development costs. B. The government provided business incentives to companies in order to lower prices for the consumer. C. The government established fair business practices to prevent manufacturers from forming monopolies. D. The government required businesses to indicate the ingredients in their products in order to protect the consumer.

  • What was the primary challenge faced by Hispanic immigrants since the 1940s? A. a lack of jobs in cities B. unfair treatment by employers C. a lack of jobs in agriculture D. unfair legislation by the federal government

  • Who is known as the 'Father of the Constitution'?

  • What is the 'Bill of Rights'?

  • This Founding Father from Virginia, now known as the Father of the Bill of Rights, Has a University named after him in that state.

  • Who was the first President of the United States?
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  • How many colonies were the United States originally? 
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  • What war was fought on American soil from 1861 to 1865?
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  • Why did Congress pass laws protecting civil rights during Reconstruction?
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  • Why did United States business interests favor overseas expansion in the late 1800s?
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  • In the late 1800s, why did the Great Plains region become closely associated with the Populist movement?
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