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Curious to see how you compare to one of our most notorious presidents? Bill Clinton, our 42nd President, was only the second president ever to been impeached. Born in the small town of Hope, Arkansas, he later went on to be the attorney general of Arkansas, and then the governor, and later, of course, the President. Take our quizzes to see how much you know about this fascinating man. Do you know his parents names? Do you know which religion he calls his own? How about where he attended high school?

Travel to the south with us as you quiz your knowledge of all things Bill Clinton. In which year did he graduate from Georgetown? What prestigious scholarship is he a recipient of? Where did he go to law school? Find the answers to these questions and more when you explore the life and times of our 42nd President in these quizzes.
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Though his wife’s pursuit of the oval office has been at the forefront in recent years, Bill Clinton made quite the impact throughout his time in power from 1993 to 2001. What do you know of his work?

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    What happened in the Senate when Andrew Johnson faced impeachment in 1868?

Bill Clinton is one of the most adored American presidents of our time. He is credited for a lot of reforms and is also known for having had one of the most sympathetic vice presidents in history, Al Gore. But what do you know...

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    What president was he to the USA?

Bill Clinton was the president of the United States of America between the period of 1993 to 2001. Bill was America’s 42nd president who has previously served in the capacity of a governor. On the other hand, Donald Trump,...

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    Which character do you think you resemble?

Bill Clinton lived a humble life, growing up in Arkansas, the son of a hard-working woman. Adopted by his abusive stepfather, that didn't stop him from having a remarkable life as a student, governor of Arkansas, and later on...

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    In what year did he become governor of Arkansas?

President Clinton is known as one of the best presidents the US has ever known. Despite all the controversies surrounding him, he is still revered, and people are still ready to endorse his wife if she ever decides to run for...

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    Where was he born?

Bill Clinton Questions & Answers

What is Bill Clinton known for?
Bill Clinton is known for a quite a few things. One thing that he is known for is being president of the United States. He was the 42nd president. He began his presidency in 1993 and it ended with his second term in 2001. He was also known as being a
Why was Bill Clinton's affair such a huge issue?
Bill Clinton’s affair was not the only scandal to happen in the White House. There have been countless issues and scandals that happened regarding the president. However, this was the first president to have an affair while being president. It
Why and when did Bill Clinton change his name?
Bill Clinton was named William Jefferson Blythe II at the time of his birth. He was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946. Unfortunately, his father died a few months before he was born in some sort of accident. This caused a lot of problems for
When did Bill Clinton serve as the president of US?
Bill Clinton became the president of the United States in 1993 and he remained president of the United States for two terms until 2001. As a president of the United States, you can only serve at most two terms. He was the 42nd president. During his p