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Asian History Questions and Answers

  • In what year was Asian Heritage Month extended from a week long celebration to a month long celebration?
    Asian history question from

  • In 1865, what percentage of Central Pacific were Chinese workers?
    Asian history question from

  • Why did most Chinese come to the US during the 1800s?
    Asian history question from

  • Geography describes the history of place, physical landscape, climate, bodies of water of one place and geography only.
    Asian history question from

  • Asia is divided into 5 subregions based on geographical, physical, historical and cultural attributes only.
    Asian history question from

  • regions in Asia are blessed with various natural resources some countries have huge deposit of mineral resources while other countries have fertile soil good for agriculture
    Asian history question from

  • Who was Tipu sultan?
    Asian history question from

  • the bigest province in pakistan
    Asian history question from

  • Among the achievements of the Ming dynasty was __________

  • Which was NOT a reason why the Ming dynasty declined?

  • The founders of the Qing dynasty, the Manchus, came from __________

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