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Modern History Questions and Answers

  • What is the difference between a refugee and an IDP (internally displaced person)?
    Modern history question from

  • Why did many Tamils seek asylum from Sri Lanka before the war had begun?
    Modern history question from

  • How many internally displaced persons were created by the Sri Lankan Civil War?
    Modern history question from

  • What is the largest gold nugget ever found?
    Modern history question from

  • What is the boiling point of gold?
    Modern history question from

  • What is the melting point of gold?
    Modern history question from

  • What was the main ideological reason for the apartheid?
    Modern history question from

  • True or False: Troy Neale states that the Akrikaners believed that is was impossible for different races and cultures to live as one
    Modern history question from

  • Who conducted the research into the implementation of the official policy?
    Modern history question from

  • to chose
    Modern history question from

  • the skill, arts, ect.of a certain people in a given period
    Modern history question from

  • the capital of the Toltec Empire in the upper Yucatan Peninsula
    Modern history question from

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