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Somewhere between the fall of the Roman Empire and Renaissance and Discoveries, Middle Ages is regarded as a time of ignorance and superstition; a dark period. Are you in the dark at this topic, or do you master the subject? Pick up a quiz and check how much you know! Go on your quiz crusade and find the Holy Land of Knowledge!

There’s much more than Black Death, famine and war in this period! You’ll come across art, music and poetry. Religion too. You’ll find some of the world’s most exceptional architecture - outstanding cathedrals, wonderful monasteries and magnificent mosques. And there’s also chivalry, troubadours and courtly love. No matter how old you are, there is a Middle Ages quiz here for you!

Running from the 5th to the 15th century, the Middle Ages were a period of time in human history in which the fall of the Western Roman Empire was kickstarted and transitioned into the Renaissance and the Age of Discovery, where...

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    During the Middle Ages these people were in in charge of the castles and had many people working for them.

Test on the Medieval period

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    Period of European history between ancient and modern times is called what?

This quiz covers genres of literature and events of the Middle Ages.  You may take it as many times as you like.  Bring me your certificate and brag.

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    Which of the following is the most famous author of the Middle Ages?

Choose the correct answer for the following questions.

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    European warriors who volunteered to fight for the Holy Land were known as this.

Mate. the middle ages. I don't think you understand. this time was harcore.

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    How often do you check facebook?

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Middle Ages Questions & Answers

What is the period of European history between ancient and modern times called?
Middle ages {medieval times{middle ages middle ages midle ages
Is the following True or False? During the Middle Ages, Europe was attached frequently by Vikings or Norsemen who were powerful men who could command large fighting forces and were the only...
False because when feudalism came the vikings stopped attacking the european and started trading goods with them. later they attacked them but that was after the middle ages.
Who is the viking god of war?
TYR is the god of war , do you not know anyhting of the norse?