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It is one of the most popular languages in the world right now and it is an official language in a large number of countries. It is the lingua franca of our days and many employers even mark it as a standard requirement. Our English language quiz has some of the most interesting questions about the English language you can find. If you don’t believe us then take a look for yourself!

English ranks third in the world by number of native speakers but which are the first two? In how many countries around the world is English an official language? To which branch of Indo-European languages does English belong? Show everyone how well you know English and everything about it.

The English language is widely use by most of the folks around the world, also known as the universal language. For some countries it is used as the formal mode of communication. Do you have good grammatical, pronunciation and...

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    Which are the correct colours of the U.K. flag?

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    Rearrange the following six sentences A, B, C, D, E and F in the proper sequence to form the meaningful sentence and then answer the questions given below.a) Today, the earth has many satellites besides the moon.b) As a result, they travel in an orbit round the earthc) But the pull of the earth keeps them from doing so.d) They are the artificial satellites made by the man and very much smaller than the moon.e) The artificial satellites do not fall because they are going too fast to do so.f) As they speed along they tend to go straight off into spaceWhich of the following should be fifth sentence after rearrangement?

The English language is one of the secondary languages in most countries around the world. This language has evolved over the years from the Germanic dialects it was derived from. Do you consider yourself a linguist and think...

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    What was the time period of Old English?

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    Direction: Fill the most appropriate options in blanks provided to make the sentence meaningful. We must prevent endangered wild species from becoming ________ in order that our future generation may _________ the great diversity of animal life. 


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    Choose the option opposite in meaning to the word in BOLDAnini was mindless criminal

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English Language Questions & Answers

What is a Biblographic Reference?
A written Reference
What is Climatic Order?
In order from the least important to the most important information
What is Spatial Order?
All of Above