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Do you know what a noun is? Of course, it's a part of speech. But it's not quite as simple as that. Typically, a noun is a person, thing, place or idea, and it can appear in various parts of a phrase or sentence. In the well-known phrase "The cat sat on the mat" do you know which words are nouns? The answer is "cat" and "mat", the cat being the subject of the sentence and the mat being the object. In some languages, like French and German, nouns are assigned a gender... German has three, masculine, feminine and neuter.

Our quiz about nouns will test your knowledge of grammar, and of how nouns are used. Do you know the difference between a countable and a collective noun? How about a concrete noun and an abstract noun? And then there are pronouns. Take our quiz, and have some fun while you are learning more about how language works.

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