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Parts Of Speech Questions & Answers

What type of pronouns are me, them her, him, us? They usually belong in the predicate.
This needs to be corrected to at least object. This answer should be objective, and the one before should be subjective. These are the correct terms and should at least be added to the possible correct answers.
What are the kinds of verbs is, was and had when used alone?
Linking , linking verbs, linking verbThey simply link subject to predicate
What type of noun has names as a group of things and it rarely ends in s?
A noun is a person, place, thing or idea. It is a part of speech in the English language. However, there are different types of nouns. One is singular and another is plural. Singular nouns means that there is only one noun. Plural nouns means that th
What type of verb describes physical or mental action?
The answer to this is an action verb. The verb is something that is used in order to describe what a person or an object is doing. For example, the subject is reading. Reading is going to be the verb here and it perfectly describes what the subject&