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Verb Questions & Answers

What is the difference between "Give it up" and "Applaud"?
There is no big difference between 'give it up' and 'applaud'. Give it up as a phrasal verb, has almost the same meaning as applaud. 'Give it up' has different meanings unlike 'applaud'. Applaud means to clap for someone as a result of a well-done jo
What is half of that number? One third of a number is four times eleven.
The answer to this is E. In order to solve this, you need to look at the given clues. It says that 1/3 of the number is 11x4. You need to compute what 11x4 is. You will reach 44. It says 1/3 so you need to multiply 44 x 3. The product for this is 132
What is the noun in the following sentence?
I don't understand why is it gingerbread man cause any way you guys are doing a trick on me I barely understand so please if you have an explanation tell me thanks,
Which of the following sentence is written correct?
Option C - I can't MAKE up my mind where to go on vacation this year is the right answer. I can't TAKE up my mind where to go on vacation this year (option A) and I can't GET up my mind where to go on vacation this year (option B) are both wrong.