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Can you translate this sentence using the direct and indirect object prounouns? She wrote to me because she missed me. Then she rang me and now i am talking to her on the phone.This...
I wrote this, and the test said it was incorrect. Can someone tell me why?Elle m'a écrit parce qu'elle m'a manquait. Ensuite, elle m'a téléphoné et maintenant, je lui parle au téléphone.
Can you translate this sentence into the direct object pronoun? He loves you.
Il t'aime. (C'est parce que la verbe "adorer" veut dire "to worship, to adore" en anglais, et "aimer" veut dire "to like" en anglais. Donc, c'est correct dire "Il t'aime."
How do you say hello in French?
French is one of the most romantic languages there is. It is a pleasant way to interact. You need to learn French, especially if you are visiting that part of the country. It is always a good idea to learn the basic way of greeting in some common lan
What does the indirect object pronoun refer to?
A noun is a person place or thing so it should be noun and person shouldn't be in the answer choice