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Greetings play a crucial role in formal etiquette. In English, we say hello as a greeting and goodbye just when we are leaving. The French are no different; only they speak a different language. For example, you would say bonjour...

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What are French articles? French articles combine a noun to indicate the type of reference being made by a noun. Most of the time, articles specify the grammatical definiteness of the noun. Examples are the a and n. The...

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How much do you know about French adjectives? In French, you can employ more than one adjective at a time to refer to someone or something. If one of the adjectives comes before the noun and the other typically goes after the...

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What do you know about French adjectives? Here is a quiz that will help you test your knowledge. Think you be able to pass this quiz? Regarding this quiz, you should be aware of what the English translations are for these...

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French (français) belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family. Like all Romance languages, it developed from Vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman invaders. Before the Roman invasion...

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French (français) belongs to the Romance branch of the Indo-European language family. Like all Romance languages, it developed from Vulgar Latin spoken by the Roman invaders. How well do you know...

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Following is a french quiz designed for students and learners of the french language. As all know, people all around the world are learning french and it is becoming one of the most famous language in this world! Just tick the...

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Welcome to this French quiz on direct object pronouns. You will face several questions in English, and you have to answer accordingly in French. This is a short test to examine your French grammatical knowledge. Are you ready?

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This quiz will help you to review the French 1 final. It will cover a variety of culture, grammar, and vocabulary from the beginning of the book Discovering French Bleu. While not exhaustive, it should give you an idea of what to...

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An imperative verb in most cases, when read out loud, feels like a command as they do not leave room for discussion or questions. These types of sentences often appear to be missing subjects and use a verb to begin the sentence....

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Apart from English, French is the most taught language in the world. French is one of the most romantic languages next to Italian and Spanish. Are you in year 8 and are having a hard time revising for your exam? Take up the test...

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Decide if the French translation uses savoir or connaitre. This is Anne's native take on understanding French grammar, one topic at a time. There's a much more on

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A little about forming questions in French

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.Bonne  nuit. Comment ca-va? Can you translate that? How good is your French. This quiz is a collection of French words that seek to test your Knowledge and ability in French.

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Enter the plural form of the noun provided.

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Do you like French language? Take this quiz for fun to see how well you'll do with these French verbs than end in -ER.

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Would you love to go to France? Or any other French speaking country for that matter? Test your knowledge of numbers with these quiz. 

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Do you know some french ? Test yourself with this quiz.

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This quiz is for Mme Smathers and Mme Villarreal's French II students.  Please sign in with your first name and last initial.  Thanks!

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Testez vos connaissances ! Vous devez répondre à la question en cliquant sur la proposition correspondante et ensuite cliquer sur le bouton (Suivant) pour visualiser la bonne...

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This quiz is for testing your knowledge in French Language through choose questions. Part (1).

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This is a test with some of the stuff that might be in the Culture section of the French Exam

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Test your french vocabulary on subjects

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