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Talking in front of a large group of people has never been easy for anybody. But imagining the crowd in their Adam and Eve suits has never concluded into more than a couple of smiles. So if you think that’s funny, then you should check out more of our quizzes on rhetoric and see if they can spark up a smile or get you on your way to what you really want.

“What are the methods of argumentative analysis?”, “What rhetorical strategies must be appointed and to what different conversational situations?”, “Who were the sophists?” You can't always get what you want, but you can improve your chances by being charming and convincing. Prove you are the master in the art of discourse and answer your way out of these quizzes!

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Rhetoric Questions and Answers

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  • Who is the founder of the rhetoric?

  • Who was the inspiration of the founder?

  • Descriptive Writing
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  •  Basic Expository Writing
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  • Who wrote the play entitled Julius Caesar?

  • In Homer’s Odyssey, who was Odysseus’ son?

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