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You're sitting there reading the description to a quiz, you may not know this, but someone had to write it. You think you could? You think it's easy to write? Or maybe you hate writing, from all those essays, analyses and poems you were forced to do in school? Either way, these quizzes could prove to be surprising for you.

With questions ranging from narratives, to descriptions, to the structure of poetry and the more modern system of SEO-writing, there's something to tickle your inner playwright, songwriter or story-teller! Answer questions about the great literary geniuses of the world, such as Moses, William Shakespeare and Stephen King! Are you afraid of a type-writer, or are you attached to your pc keyboard? Well, only you can find out who knows the "write" answers or not!

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  • When citing one or two authors in-text, never use et al; instead, always provide the author(s)' names.
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  • When providing two or more authors' names in a parenthetical citation, use and to join the names, not the ampersand symbol. For example, (Lastname, Lastname, and Lastname, year, p. X).
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  • Et al. should be used after the first author's last name every time a source with three to five authors is introduced in the text. For example: Lastname et al. (year) argued that....
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  • How many pages should a CV be?

  • You should include every position you've ever had in your CV.

  • You should include reasons for leaving on a CV.

  • 1. Choose the correct sentence
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  • 2. You have to prepare an essay in MS Word consisting of only 250 word. What is the most convenient way for  you to count the total number of words in document?
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  • 3. What is abstract?
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