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What is the main idea of this passage?
Tudor was able to implement an unusual idea successfully-the first sentence of the first paragraph mentions one unusual type of trade, the first sentence of the second paragraph states that frederick tudor came up with the idea, the first sentence of
When does phase 3 of the 3x3 writing process begin?
The answer to this is letter D. The fact that it is already the third phase means that you are done with the different things that you have to write. You have written the different portions of the writing content and you are now making sure if all th
Which of these sentences is punctuated correctly?
Option C and D My dog is beautiful; her eyes are her best features is correct because the semi colon show details of the connection between the independent clauses and it shows that “the dog is beautiful” is supported by the other clause,
How are diagrams helpful?
It shows you different parts of someting that will happen