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Please answer this writing prompt using a graphic organizer or list to organize your ideas.Write a perfect paragraph using an idea from your list of graphic organizer. You may choose one:A) Tell...
There are many things that I love a lot through this life. First, my friends. Being with a friend allows to not feel lonely but perhaps it gives strength and the confidence when communicating with others. Second, I like playing basketball. Basketball
What is the rhetorical purpose of the third paragraph?
Paragraph 3 of “Learning to Read and Write” by Frederick Douglass is meant to show how Douglass’s reactions turned into actions. It’s a rhetorical shift in the paper, and gives a new point to the paper. By shifting the focus t
What should the topic of every paragraph be?
Be something the write is interested in because it is about them
Is it true that there are many different types of paragraphs?
Does it mean Essay because it says there are many types of paragraphs even though there are only 5 paragraphs in an essay.