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    How is technical writing different from novel-, poetry- or journal-writing?

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    Choose the correct sentence

Technical writing is a distinct genre of writing, where the writer or author is writing about a specific subject that requires a set of guidelines and instructions. It's a  totally different genre compared...

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    What is the major focus of many technical writing courses?

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    Which one of these famous writers once worked as a technical writer?

This quizz contain some of the topics discussed in class few days ago.

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    Which people know the theory and the product inside and out?

Technical Writing Questions & Answers

What is the ACS processing time for an RPL case?
We cannot precisely identify the fixed time frame within which ACS skill assessment will get done or completed. It can take around 10-12 weeks for the Australian Computer Society (ACS) to process your report, but that is just a rough figure that you
Which of the following is the correct sentence?
A gentlemen was walking along a road dressed in blue with green trees in both sides.
Choose the correct sentence from the following:
Select your country from the drop down list in the country field