Essay- Write A Paragraph On The Topic!

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Write a paragraph or essay ( at least three sentences ) on the topic. . . Only three questions! Enjoy. Nonfiction- Based on truthFUN TOPICS!

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    STATE FACTS!!! NONFICTIONWrite a paragraph on one of the following:ParamoreTwilightVampiresHarry PotterBenjamin Button
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    NONFICTION OR FICTIONWrite a topic on one of the words:tearssunshinered
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    Please write down your choice as wellYOUR CHOICE!!!Write a paragraph on:FICTION:lovehateyellowor just any paragraphNONFICTIONanything based on a movieanything based on musicor just any paragraph
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    EXTRA BONUS POINTS!!!!Write 100 words on a topic of your choice!!!
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    Are you going to comment? ( you get it correct if you press anyone click the one that is truthful!!! ) 
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