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For our brand new quiz we thought it would be appropriate to choose one of the actions that go against journalistic ethics and morality in general. Plagiarism is more or less theft and can have serious consequences for the person or persons committing it. But do you actually know enough about it? It is not a crime in its own name but that doesn’t make it any better.

Who was the Roman poet believed to have attributed the term “plagiarius” meaning literally “kidnapper” to people stealing his poems? What is the name given to the reuse of portions of one’s work without acknowledging the original work? No need to worry about plagiarism in this quiz, each questions being unique. Time to fight plagiarism.

This Plagiarism quiz will allow you to test your knowledge and learn about the concepts from each part of the tutorial which includes Ethics, Quoting, Paraphrasing, summarizing as well as media and images. Read the questions...

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  • Sample Question
    If I am accused of plagiarism, I could face the following:

This quiz covers part 4.

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    An example of plagiarism would be...

A simple quiz on plagiarism for middle school students.

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  • Sample Question
    You do not have to cite the source of information that is considered "common knowledge".

During freshmen orientation to the library, students determine whether situations constitute plagiarism.

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  • Sample Question
    While writing a research paper, you paraphrased a paragraph from an article. What must you include to prevent plagiarism?

Quiz to take after a brief, introductory plagiarism lesson

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  • Sample Question
    Plagiarism only happens when someone copies the exact words out of a book or from a website.

Plagiarism Questions & Answers

Which sentence about quoting is not true?
Most of the time when you are writing an essay, you must use quotes to support your claim with evidence. When you do that, you write the sentence exactly as it is stated in the source even if there are misspellings or poor grammar. Then you place quo
Which sentence about citing is not true?
You have to cite everything you use, even if it’s common factual information like the dates of world war ii or the date of napoleon’s death.-a good explanation of common knowledge comes from the purdue university online writing lab (http:
Do you need to cite it as a source since Wikipedia articles can be written and changed by anyone and do not have an author listed?
Yes, you still have to cite the source even if you are getting from Wikipedia. There are still some people who think that Wikipedia has some of the best information that they can use. The reason why it is important to still cite the source is because
Which of the following would be considered fair use?
I chose the right answer, but I do not understand how it is a right answer.