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  • What is the line spacing for the body of the document?

  • How should the top margin be set in an unbound report?

  • How should the bottom margin be set in an unbound report?

  • Which should be the correct way of expressing your opinion in formal reports?
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  • Which should be the correct way of expressing your opinion in formal reports?
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  • What are some of the adjectives you should use to make your proposal more attractive?
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  • (True or False) When writing an incident report or witness statement it is OK to use commonly used abbreviations?

  • (True or False) Your written reports or written statements are admissible in court and can potentially expose Gap Inc. to liability in civil court.

  • What statements should never be in your witness statement or incident report?

  • The suspects friend, Thomas Mills, was charged as an ________________ after the fact. Choose the appropriate and correctly spelled word.

  • The neighbor provided _________________ information related to her dislike for the victim. Choose the appropriate and correctly spelled word.

  • The reportee believed her neighbors residence had been burglarized when she saw the broken _______________ window. Choose the appropriate and correctly spelled word.

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