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What is a college? The word means different things in different countries, but it's almost always about education. A college can be a university, or part of one; it can be a secondary or high school; or any kind of training institution. It can also refer to a decision-making body such as the College of Cardinals, which meets to elect a new pope. The word derives from Latin, and in ancient Rome a "collegium" was a kind of society or club within which people lived under a common set of rules.

How much do you know about higher education? Our quizzes contain questions about the earliest universities, such as Paris and Oxford, and some of the most famous modern institutions of higher learning. There are well over 10,000 universities in the world; do you know which is number one in the official world University rankings? It's the California Institute of Technology. Oxford is number two. Take our quiz to learn about the world's institutions of higher learning, and educate yourself about education!

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