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The cost of education has been on a monumental rise for past few years, wouldn't you agree? A lot of students graduate facing hefty student debts to start their careers. Getting an upgrade on your education by taking up Masters or going Graduate School costs a lot too! Wouldn't it be blessing to have some financial aid along the way? Scholarships may be one of the answers. Are you considering applying for one anytime soon? Well, we have a collection of quizzes on different types of scholarships.

Are you searching for scholarships specific to a college or university? How about one for a particular career path? Maybe you'll find just what you need inside our vault of quizzes! Remember: “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity". Take this chance and check out our Scholarship quizzes! Good luck!
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A Scholarship Exam is the toughest examination conducted by different institutions for those students who need financial assistance.  Whether you are a college fresher or a graduate, scholarship assists in...

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    What is the total weight of four kegs of nails if each keg weighs 100 pounds?

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    Small items like stapler, calculator, etc are not shown in books as fixed assets although they are used in business for long period due to:-

When it comes to going to school getting a scholarship can ease the financial burden that your care giver has to take. This is therefore,why it is important to ensure that you pass the scholarship tests to secure it. Need some...

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    Assuming the Current Ratio 2, if cash is paid to the Creditors then the current ratio will

The quiz below is a set of general knowledge questions, which were used in the contest of scholarships 2015 Asian Aleixo. Take up the quiz and see if you would have passed the test to win the scholarship.

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    What do you eat ? has launched scholarships (Rs. 4000) for meritorious students for our 3-Month Online Project development  Program (Sep2010-Nov-2010).Pass mark is 60%.The students who have passed in the test will be...

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    # include int one_d[]={1,2,3};main(){int *ptr;ptr=one_d;ptr+=3;printf("%d",*ptr);

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Scholarship Questions & Answers

What is the total weight of four kegs of nails if each kg weighs 100 pounds?
100 pounds multiplied by 4 is 400 pounds. the four kegs weights 400 pounds.
Is the following true or false? A non-reporting month will cost a cadet $1600 of their available scholarship money?
The documentation I got at my initial meetingstates that non reporting will cost the cadet $1400 (as opposed to $1600)of the available $16,000 in available scholarships.
What is the total weight of four kegs of nails if each keg weighs 100 pounds?
The answer to this is 400 pounds. Computing for this is going to be easy. You simply need to take a look at the terms that are used. The keyword here is total which means that you need to know all of the combined weight of the kegs of nails. The bes
What is the total weight of four kegs of nails if each keg weighs 100 pounds?
Since each keg weighs 100 pounds, it will be safe to assume that four kegs will be equal to 400 pounds. You can choose to multiply or to add. No matter what method you will decide on using, you will still reach the same results. For example, if you w