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If you’re an educator, you may know all about giving your students an assessment at the end of a unit: that way, you can gauge how much they know and see what they still don’t understand. But how can you tell how much of a difference your teaching has actually made?

Did they come into this unit already knowing must of the material – how much progress have they really made? If you don’t already give your students a preliminary assessment, or pretest, you may not have a solid baseline to compare their final work to.

Is this teaching tool already in your arsenal? Or do you want to learn more before considering implementing it in your daily practice? Take our quizzes to learn all that you don’t know about pretesting (and no, there are no preliminary quizzes to do first).

You might be pretty good with English grammar and spelling, and so you may find yourself good enough to become a professional proof reader so you can make a living off of it. More power to you! However, it’s a little more...

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    Next to the protection of employees, companies are intrested in the protection of company assets. Possibly the most important asset worth potecting would be which of the following:

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    Training detachments (TDs) are administratively assigned to which MAJCOM?

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    Access to air force weapons and munitions and the information pertaining to them is?

This is to see what you know about nonfiction before we begin our nonfiction unit.

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    Writing objectively means

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Pretest Questions & Answers

What does the word "bohk" as in do bohk refer?
Per the Black Belt Manual, page 31, " 'bohk' means robes or clothes"
What are gold and copper user for?
This question is a little bit confusing in terms of what question category it belongs to. However, if the category is correct and the question is finding the incorrect word, then the answer would be the word “user”. The correct form of qu
Do killer whales travel in groups?
Yes, killer whales often travel in groups. These groups are often called pods. Usually, a typical pod consists of 5-30 whales. This is many whales. However, the pod does not stop here. Sometimes, a single pod can have as many as 1000 whales. It reall