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What are the benefits of dietary fat?
The Dietary fats that we include in our daily meals are essential in giving our bodies energy. They help protect our organs, it supports cell growth and keeps our body warm. Moreover, dietary fats help our body absorb the necessary nutrients that it
What is the value of x? 3x - 3 = 9
Ok so I'm only 14 with a grade level of 11th and I am pretty positive that 3x-3=9 doesn't equal 6..... if you put the six in the equation it would equal 15 not 9. you see 3x6=18 , 18-3=15 NOT 9.
Can you evaluate: 10 - 2(3)?
That is not a discussion of the answer LOL. That is the answer.BEDMAS or PEMDAS(same thing). You multiply first.10 -2(3)You multiply first. (-2(3)) = -2 x 3 = -6 Now finish the equation. 10 + (-6) = 4