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Back to school again. This time we’re putting you behind a desk and addressing some well aimed questions to test your knowledge on school itself. Think you can pass this test with an A+? The questions won’t be easy and the teachers evaluating your answers will be far from clement, but we’re pretty sure you can pull it off.

Let’s start with a few sample challenges. No cheating! What language does the word “school” derive from? When did universities emerge throughout Europe? What are 3 major security concerns schools throughout the world face? What universities in the United States make up the Ivy League? Well done, but the test isn’t over yet. You’re still up against some major challenges so keep it up.

Are you not feeling well or don't feel like going to school, today? If you are in doubt whether you should attend or be absent from the school for today, take this quiz to find out the best decision. Have fun too!

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  • Sample Question
    What is your usual time to wake up during morning?

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  • Sample Question
    Computer uses the .......... number system to store data and perform calculations.

This short quiz is  designed to help you identify which of the 6 secrets would be most effectiveto help him learn at school, based on his age, personality, talents, and school experience...We will email you a report showing...

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  • Sample Question
    LEARNING AT SCHOOL What is his general attitude about school?

Do you relate more to English, Math or maybe you are more of a P.E. type person?  Take this quiz to determine which school subject your personality resembles the most.

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  • Sample Question
    What do you eat for breakfast on most mornings?

You won't find many students that actually enjoy going to school(no matter how well they do). Do you feel as if you're one of those that don't simply hate, but actually despise and dream school? Then, take this quiz...

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  • Sample Question
    When do you arrive to school? 

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School Questions & Answers

What are pros and cons of homeschooling?
When I first discovered homeschooling, it seemed that most families taking that path did so for religious reasons - so they could use a religious-based curriculum. Later on, I saw many families convert to homeschooling when traditional schools failed
What is the 2nd planet from the sun?
Um, I believe the second planet from the sun would be Venus. The order goes: mercury, venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.
What are thetwo (2) options that parents can use in resolving Section 504 conflicts or disputes ?
Parents can ask for a due process and/or get a second opinion on any decisions made in the meeting
Why do kids need to go to school?
For one thing, it's the law. If you didn't go, your parents could be in big trouble. But there are other reasons kids in the U.S. -- and most other countries -- are required to attend school until they reach a certain age. For one thing, a healthy