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  • What are pros and cons of homeschooling?
    What are pros and cons of homeschooling?
    When I first discovered homeschooling, it seemed that most families taking that path did so for religious reasons - so they could use a religious-based curriculum. Later on, I saw many families convert to homeschooling when traditional schools failed their children, some who had disabilities.  Today, though, I see the majority of homeschooling families making the choice as a way to provide the very best education to their child when they write my paper. There are many benefits to homeschooling, but it is not easy and there are some cons to explore as well.

  • What is the 2nd planet from the sun?
    What is the 2nd planet from the sun?
    Um, I believe the second planet from the sun would be Venus. The order goes: mercury, venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

  • What are thetwo (2) options that parents can use in resolving Section 504 conflicts or disputes ?
    What are thetwo (2) options that parents can use in resolving Section 504 conflicts or disputes ?
    Parents can ask for a due process and/or get a second opinion on any decisions made in the meeting

  • Why do kids need to go to school?
    Why do kids need to go to school?
    For one thing, it's the law. If you didn't go, your parents could be in big trouble. But there are other reasons kids in the U.S. -- and most other countries -- are required to attend school until they reach a certain age. For one thing, a healthy democracy depends on people who are informed about issues. Citizens vote, and they take part in other civic duties -- educated people are likely to make better choices. The more education someone has, the more money he is likely to make during his life. And being in school helps you learn how to deal with others, set goals and get things done. Those are important skills. Requiring kids to go to school is called "compulsory education." (Compulsory means that you have to do something.) But American kids didn't always have to attend. In fact, only wealthy people went to school until the 1840s. A Massachusetts official named Horace Mann led a movement to change that, and by 1900 free elementary school was available to American children. The U.S. Education Department says that in 1869-70, the average number of days each student attended was 78. By 1900, it was 144 days, and by 1950, it was 178. Kids got the summer off from school because schools, in earlier times, followed a farmer's schedule. That allowed kids to help bring in the summer harvest. That tradition stuck. Today kids in most states are required to go to school for 180 days each academic year. That allows for four nine-week periods of 45 days or two 90-day semesters. But beware: Some educators think kids should be in school a lot longer. Some schools have raised the number of required school days, and some folks think that sometime soon, 200 days will be the magic number -- so enjoy 180 while you can!

  • How to Find Grants for School?
    How to Find Grants for School?
    I did an analysis of which school grants exist and how to get it and decided that this information could be useful to someone and decided to write it here. Searching for and receiving grants for school, international students have found, can be one of the most exhausting, exhilarating, rewarding and ultimately life-changing experiences of their lives. Learn more about the different sources for grants for international students and how to get funded. Overview Finding money to pay for a U.S. college education is a daunting task for many international students and those whose families cannot afford it are often discouraged from pursuing a U.S. college education. Do not be deterred if you fall in this group because there is a variety of funding sources with grants for international students to pursue both undergraduate and graduate education in the U.S. These include the colleges and universities themselves, philanthropic organizations and foundations, the U.S. government through State Department-funded programs and of course governments of the home countries of international students. College and University Grants There are so many universities and colleges in the U.S. and many of them have some sort of financial aid program for international students. If you are able to secure a scholarship or grant from the college or university you end up attending, it is one of the best and most convenient sources of funding because once you get a grant, everything else happens almost automatically as long as you keep up your own end of the bargain. This almost always involves satisfactory academic performance. If you receive an athletic scholarship or get a grant based on a musical talent you will have to fulfill the terms that come with your funding in addition to maintaining satisfactory academic record. The key to getting grants for international students that come from colleges and universities is to start applying early academic writing services tips and do a thorough job of presenting your best self to the admission committees. Philanthropic Organizations and the U.S. Government A number of philanthropic organizations and foundations provide educational funding for international students and some are quite popular. For example the Ford Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, American Association for University Women and Rotary International all provide funding for international students studying in the U.S. You should also check out foundations that are based in your home country or region as some of these, though little known, could provide some funding. The U.S. government through the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs at the Department of State also sponsors a number of programs that provide educational funding for international students to study in the U.S., one of the most popular being the Fulbright program. Some of these programs are country-specific so you will need to check with the educational office at the U.S. embassy in your country for information on funding for programs for which you are eligible. Your Government One funding source of educational funding for international students intending to study in the U.S. that you should not overlook is your home country. Some countries have scholarship programs to encourage and develop future leaders who want to study in the U.S. Most times the recipients will be expected to return to use their education in service of their country. You can find out about these kinds of opportunities by contacting your country ministry or department of education. Your school counselor may also be of help. Finally it is important to recognize that while the task of securing funding for your studies in the U.S. may seem daunting, it is not impossible. You may even need to combine small scholarships to have enough to cover your entire education costs. However with enough dedication and persistence you can succeed.

  • Which statement is false in regards to bacteria?
    Which statement is false in regards to bacteria?
    Ideally there should be a lot of bacteria moving through the upper part of the the digestive tract

  • Who is the current commandant of NPCC?
    Who is the current commandant of NPCC?
    The current commandant of NPCC is the administrator of Police Hoo Po Heng. The chairperson of the 15th NPCC council is associate professor Stephen Phua Lye Huat from the faculty of the National University of Singapore. The organization has grown from being a relative newcomer compared to other uniformed groups to be one of the more well-established groups, in terms of reputation and standards. Commandant is a title often given to the officer in charge of a military training academy. The National Police Cadet Corps is one of the largest uniformed groups for youths in Singapore. The ministry of education sponsors the NPCC.

  • Which eyes would be best candidates for Jetrea injections?
    Which eyes would be best candidates for Jetrea injections?
    The answers to this are A and D. Jetrea is known as a type of inhibitor that can be injected into the area where the protein or the solid particle is found. This will help dissolve the protein so that the vision of the person can be improved again. Getting this type of injection may come with some side effects but they are not serious. The side effects can last for a week but after that, the benefits of the injection can be evident and will be very useful to different individuals. Just remember that not everyone is a good candidate for this. There may be other treatments available to those who cannot be considered as good candidates for this type of treatment.

  • What organ is PRIMARILY responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients?
    What organ is PRIMARILY responsible for the digestion and absorption of nutrients?
    Although the pancreas is the primary organ which releases enzymes for digestion and controls sugar, several organs are responsible for complete absorption. The stomach, small intestine, colon, gallbladder, liver, and anus are all part of the digestive system. It removes solid wastes from the body. The organ that absorbs nutrients during digestion is the small intestine. The walls of the small intestine will absorb digested nutrients into the bloodstream. The small intestine is mainly responsible for the absorption process. Specialized cells allow absorbed materials to cross the mucosa into the bloodstream and to other parts of the body to be reserved for storage or further chemical change.

  • Which of the following would be the most effective approach for principles to use to encourage their students to stay in school?
    Which of the following would be the most effective approach for principles to use to encourage their students to stay in school?
    Form a collaborative team to research successful dropout-prevention programs and recommend one for use in Midland High SchoolThis question focuses on the leaders understanding of effective methods for solving an education problem. Responses (A), (C), and (D) do not recognize the importance of involving stakeholders to identify problems and plan strategies for addressing them. Response (B) both recognizes the value of stakeholder collaboration and the uses of research, literature, and best practice when considering solutions. Therefore, the correct answer is (B).

  • Which of the following is a characteristic of an EHR system used by a medial office?
    Which of the following is a characteristic of an EHR system used by a medial office?
    NO is not right, in my quiz their is just the following options. Which of the following is a characteristic of an EHR system used by a medical office?It is the principal electronic medical record.It incorporates computer systems from many different vendors.It requires clinicians to use an interface to view data from different systems.This one is wrong from the quiz.It must be accessible to any specialists who are also treating the patient.

  • What was the whole point of the community?
    What was the whole point of the community?
    The point of the community was to allow Rain and Cap to escape the money hungry rat race of modern society.