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Airman Leadership School (ALS) is a US Air Force program which spans around 20-days of time. The purpose of this program is simply to develop Airmen into effective front-line supervisors. Here we have got an advanced test on the...

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    Use the EPME Structured Thinking Process (IDDP) to evaluate the following scenario.The ORI is only a month away and the shop is feeling the pressure. In a prior inspection, they identified numerous problems that will require a significant amount of time and resources to fix. SSgt Jones has been chosen as leader of the team to fix these problems. Monday morning, he got his team together and listed the tasks needing attention. When asked where they will start, SSgt Jones responds, ―We should get as many of the easily knocked-out tasks done so the commander sees we are getting things accomplished.‖ According to Time Management chapter principles, SSgt Jones' actions were.....

Set B Volume 1 & 2

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    SSgt Granger tells his students, “Whenever you deliver your message, you must ensure your communication is effective. You do this by determining the purpose of communication, preparing the communication, and lastly, deliver the message. SSgt Granger’s comments BEST explain the _____________.

Quiz over the martieral in Vols 2 and 3 of Set A

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    List three time management plans.

The American air force has been existence for decades and a lot of history has been made through them. If you want to join them you must know their history first. Take up the questions below and see just how ready you are...

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    What year did the Air Force become a sepaate component of the armed forces?

Airman Leadership School CDCQuestions and answers taken from ALS CDC books.

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    When are values formed?


Airman Leadership School Questions & Answers

What is IDDP structured thinking process?
IDDP structured thinking is simply a fancy phrase for the thinking process we can go through when making a decision. It is often used in class when students are asked how to approach a particular problem. The I stands for identify and is an important
After failing their Operational Readiness Inspection (ORI), SSgt Shire must prepareher work center for the re-inspection. After taking into account the experience ofthe Airmen she has available to...
Consideration of the who, stakes, and situation; enhanceSSgt Shires consideration of the Who, the Stakes, and the Situation will most likely enhance her effectiveness. According to the Introduction to Negotiating chapter, the Who refers to people y
TSgt West contacts the Vehicle Distribution Flight and says, “I would like to requesta large truck to haul away some old office equipment.” The dispatcher on duty,SSgt Freeman replies,...
CooperateTSgt West and SSgt Freeman cooperate which, according to the Introduction to Negotiating chapter, is useful when a party desires to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome while simultaneously managing the relationship. SSgt Freeman attempt
TSgt Smith is writing performance reports on two Airmen. Although he cannotactually observe the Airmen working because they work on another shift, he reviews theircompleted work and occasionally...
Appropriate use of evaluation principles; enhanceAccording to the Performance Evaluation lesson, Evaluation Principles include Methods of Monitoring (Direct, Indirect, Observing a Completed Product/Service) and Common Pitfalls (relevancy errors: fa
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