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Opening bottles, writing books, cleaning toilets...these are all jobs right? I mean, a job is a job! However, how many jobs can you think of? What's the person that cleans a bottle called? And what about the man in the kitchen that cuts the vegetables? Can you really call standing on a street corner at midday a job? Of course you can! Anything can be a job.

You could be a school-teacher, or someone who writes quizzes for the internet, or even the guy that writes the descriptions on bars of soap! However, what do you call the man that wraps your presents? The lady that rolls up balls of yarn? The people that put in glass windows? Think you know? Think it's your destiny to answer? Well, then make it YOUR job to win this quiz!

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  • What is your favorite color?
    Job question from

  • How would your friends describe your personality?
    Job question from

  • What kind of bird would you rather be?
    Job question from

  • What is your favourite school subject?
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  • What is your ideal work/life balance?
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  • Do you like children?  
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  • What's most important to you?

  • Which of these things makes you happiest?

  • How do you feel about work life balance?

  • Are you freaked out by the sight of blood?

  • Do you like to hear people laugh at your jokes?

  • Do you like animals?