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You may know a few names and products of large and small companies across the globe. But do you know everything about all of them? Try taking one of our specially created online company quizzes if you wish to enhance your knowledge in this area.
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A square is basically multiplying a number by itself while a square root is an exact opposite. Mathematics is based on other concepts this. Take up the quiz below and revise and sharpen your ability on the subject.

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    The area of a square is 144 square meters.  Find the perimeter of the square.

Companies/organizations/brands can be identified using various means some it is by their logos, songs or even slogans. Do you know some of the slogans that are used by some of the companies around? This quiz includes company...

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    I'm loving it.

Exam 2...

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    A national company becomes an MNC when it

A quiz created by Swapnil and Ajay for practice of Informatica

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    Which one is not correct about filter transformation?

How Much Do You Know About The Mandt System? People have different behaviors, some uncalled for, and some befit the situation. There are different ways through which people can intervene in a situation if someone possesses a...

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    The Mandt System believes that all people are important and individuals benefit when they build positive relationships.  This requires that individuals build positive relationships with other people where:

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What is the difference between SPWRA and SPWRB?
SPWRA and SPWRB happen to be the two kinds of common stock shares that have to do with a company that manufactures solar power and technology -that is, the Sun power corporation. The two types of common shares have the same amount of shares worth at
What is the difference between Cash Flow and Fund Flow?
Cash flow takes place when cash moves (or flows) in and out of business. It is generally for about a month. Fund flow is when there are changes in the financial position of business between the previous year and the current one. The term fund flow ha
What is the difference between Abercrombie and Hollister?
The complete range of Abercrombie and Fitch is intended for people up to age 34 with the company targeting young people from ages 22-34. Abercrombie and Fitch are a bit more expensive than Hollister, with its collection aimed at the higher end preppi
What is the difference between UPC and SKU?
SKU is the acronym for Stock Keeping Unit, and UPC is the acronym for Universal Product Code. Although these two terms refer to codes assign to products, they do not mean the same thing. UPC is a bar code that is used to describe a product. UPC is ma
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