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A comprehensive database of more than 380 company quizzes online, test your knowledge with company quiz questions. Our online company trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top company quizzes.

What do you think a company is? You may know the names and products of some large companies but is that all you know? If you want to exercise your brain, you can try taking one of our specially created company quizzes. Do you know the difference between a private and a public limited company in the United Kingdom? Are you aware of what a just-stock company, or a trust, is in the United States of America?

How much do you know about shares and stocks? Do you know what a parent company is? In the UK what is a partnership, and under what circumstance might it be called a company? If you think your knowledge of companies is first class, then have a go at our company quizzes and see how high class you really are. 

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