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You are one of the most famous managers in the world. The quizzes that you managed to acquire and solve are the subject of many books and are regarded as masterpieces by everyone. That is why we prepared yet another one for you. We know you will be able to find all the right answers since the topic interests you.

So let’s get on with our management quiz: Some scholars trace management-like-thinking as far back as what? In the 19th century Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill provided theoretical background to what? Who was the famous American businessman famous for engineering the Mustang and for his revival of Chrysler in the 1980s? Try out all the questions and manage yourself to success.

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  • Todays progressive managers:

  • Which of the following activities is part of the organizing function of a manager?

  • When managers identify a market trend that suggests a new opportunity and then devise a strategy to go after this new opportunity, they are involved in the function of:

  • The World Health Organization is concerned about the unnecessary deaths of children below 5 years old in developing countries. integrated management for childhood illness is trying to fight these unnecessary deaths. according to WHO, the most common cause of death among these under 5 children is:

  • If the child has only one of the danger sign implicitly stated in the IMCI guideline, this child will be classified under what colour?

  • Which vital sign is important in classifying a child with pneumonia from those who do not have?

  • Planning involves the following:
    Management question from

  • Organizing involves the following:
    Management question from

  • Leading involves the following:
    Management question from

  • What are the types of managers associated with specific areas within the organization? (Select all that apply)

  • Setting the organization’s goals and deciding how best to achieve those goals is defined as

  • Determining how best to group activities and resoures is defined as