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Process management is usually applied in a business environment and is all about planning processes and monitoring how they perform. How much do you know about process management, and how it works? If you like to think that you are an expert, you can see if this is true by taking one of our interesting process management quizzes now.

Do you know what stages you have to go through to implement successful process management? Do you know why it’s so important for the success of a business to have process management in place? If you have ever been involved in process management then maybe you want to check out how much knowledge you have on the subject. Take one of our process management quizzes and you can do just that. 
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When you have completed this unit, you will be able to identify each of the components of the Process Control Training System. You will also be able to set up and operate a basic flow circuit using the Process Control Training...

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    The primary purpose of process control is to maintain some _______

This quiz was created using the Process Mapping study gudie

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    Process mapping is part of which CI Capability

In business, a process analyst identifies the current state of processes, elicits their useful and harmful attributes, documents models of the processes and facilitates stakeholder groups to consensus regarding new business...

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    1.       W. Edwards Deming in the 1950's proposed that business processes should be analyzed and measured to identify sources of variations that cause products to deviate from customer requirements. He recommended that business processes be placed in a continuous feedback loop so that managers can identify and change the parts of the process that need improvements. As a teacher, Deming created a diagram to illustrate this continuous process, commonly known as the PDCA cycle. Which of the following is NOT an activity in the Deming PDCA cycle?

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    1. Which of the following is not a part of the management process?

Process and Quality  maitained in companies

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    Which of the following models are being used to develope a software?

Process Management Questions & Answers

What is a bidder conference?
The answer to this is letter A. This refers to a meeting of the different prospective bidders. This is normally held by the buyer so that he can discuss the different details about the project to prospective bidders. There are sellers that may have
Which of the following processes are inputs to project staff assignments, staffing management plan, and resource availability?
Develop project team-project staff assignments, staffing management plan, and resource availability are inputs to the develop project team process. according to the pmbok, develop project team involves enhancing the ability of team members to functio
Which is not a tool or technique used in Perform Quality Assurance?
Training of the team-training of the team is not a tool used in perform quality assurance. the perform quality assurance process involves all activities required to meet the defined quality standards. the tools and techniques used in perform quality