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Whether it's an IT project, a team of explorers or a family setting up a tent, someone needs to take the reins of it all! How good are you at making plans, leading people and following orders? Do you know the best strategies for leading a large group of people? Do you know how to read people? Can you handle project management tools? Which personality types to place together, and which to keep apart?

Get ready to take the crown of leadership and take these quizzes! Show us that you've got what it takes to answer the questions, solve the puzzles, put the pieces together and complete the task at hand! Are you a leader, a follower, a lemming or an innovator? The choice is yours!

Do you know some of the important concepts of project quality management? One can easily come up with a plan for a project follow it and still fail at attaining the right quality leading to failure of a project. This quiz will...

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    TQM stands for

Questions: 38  |  Attempts: 2069   |  Last updated: Jan 16, 2020
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    The total of direct and indirect costs incurred in accomplishing work on an activity during a given period.

Answer the questions below and then click "submit" to send your answers.  Answer the questions below and then click "submit" to send your answers. You should receive a copy of your Exam Results upon...

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    Master Project Managers can contribute to their organization's knowledge base and to the profession of project management most effectively by:

This Quiz is on Project Integration Management. You should practice answering questions under 60 seconds. You have 12 minutes to answer 10 Questions. If you achieve less than 80%, then view the presentation again, read the slide...

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 1517   |  Last updated: Feb 23, 2018
  • Sample Question
    All of the following is true about Project Charter except;

When you are preparing a project, it is important to have a laid out plan of what you plan to accomplish with the project and how you aim to do so. When it comes to project quality management, it is important to ensure that keep...

Questions: 25  |  Attempts: 1109   |  Last updated: Jun 13, 2019
  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is responsible for the quality of the project deliverables?

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Project Management Questions & Answers

Which one of the following is not true about Project Charter?
The answer to this is B. The only thing that is not true about Project Charter is that it is used only to award a contract or the phase of a project. If you are not too familiar with what Project Charter is, this refers to the different goals and res
Which of these is not an example of a project?
1. Cleaning the office building every day. D. Cleaning the building is a repetitive task that is done everyday. Hence it is not an example of a project.