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  • All of the following is true about Project Charter except;
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  • Which process is included in Project Integration Management. 
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  • Which of the following is NOT true about tools and techniques of Integrated change Control
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  • Master Project Managers can contribute to their organizations knowledge base and to the profession of project management most effectively by:
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  • To balance the needs of stakeholders involved in your project the most desirable method for resolution of conflicts is:
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  • Which one of the following examples violates the MPM Master Project Manager Global Ethics and Conduct Suggested Rules.
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  • Which of the following is responsible for the quality of the project deliverables?

  • What type of chart is the following?

  • You are the project manager for the BBB Project. Stacy, a project team member, is confused about what QA is. Which of the following best describes QA?

  • Which of these is not an example of a project?

  • Which of the following is not true about the Delphi technique?

  • Raymond, you are the project manager of  Exodus project. Mid-way through the project a key component was stolen. This was not planned. The team met after the event and managed to make the product work without the stolen component. This is an example of -