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Are you ready to take a chance? "No risk, no reward", right? As long as it's a calculated risk, you shouldn't worry too much. That's where "Risk Management" comes in. How well can you balance the risks versus the rewards? Can you identify risk areas given specific scenarios? Are you familiar with making contingency plans? If you answered yes, then you should be able to manage our quizzes on "Risk Management" well.

From the simplest of scenarios to slightly complicated ones; there's a bit for everybody. Are you ready to take a stab at our quizzes? "You’ll always miss 100% of the shots you don’t take", as the great Wayne Gretzky once said. So what are you waiting for? Take your shot at our "Risk Management" quizzes.

What we have here is some risk management practice questions. There are different threats that people face when it comes to their property, and if they occur, it can lead to someone suffering a loss. To guide you through this...

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  • Sample Question
     Which of the following statements best describes risk? 

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    What is one way that you can help to reduce safety risks for your organization's activities and events?

Test your risk mangement knowledge after examining the lecture materials, case studies, and readings for this module.

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  • Sample Question
    According to Maylor, what are traditionally the core three risk categories?

Will you take the risk management practice questions? If you are planning on becoming a Project manager, you need to have adequate knowledge of all that is risk management. There are a lot of factors that can affect the success...

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Project risk is the possibility that project events will not occur as planned or that unplanned events will occur that will have a negative impact on the project. Do you have a risk management quiz coming up? The quiz below is...

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  • Sample Question
    The asset with the highest risk rating is: Asset Vulnerability Asset Impact Danger Supply Order Hardware failure 10 0.2 Customer e-mail Software failure 30 0.1 Employee e-mail Human Error 20 0.2 Supply fulfillment Power failure 10 0.3

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Risk Management Questions & Answers

What are the three traditional core risk categories according to Maylor?
There are different risks that should be thought about when learning about risk management but according to Maylor, the traditional core risks is the one in letter A. The cost of the items will always be a problem. You have to make sure that it will
Which method of risk management best describes the use of high deductibles or elements of self-insurance to reduce insurance costs?
Risk management is central to all insurance. If an individual insuring himself, his family or his possessions, wishes to reduce the premium he pays for the peace of mind that insurance brings, he can do this by accepting high deductibles. He must wo
How is hazard defined as?
A. A condition with the potential to cause personal injury or death, property damage or mission degradation
Is the Safety Manager responsible for stressing application of ORM during daily operations of boats and crews?
True as he is the risk champion,who is responsible that the application is done correctly.