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Money, money, money. Abba said it’s a rich man’s world. In Cabaret, money makes the world go around. But who makes the money go around in this rich man’s world? That is where the skill of financial management comes in, which is the ability to organize the funds of an organization to meet the goals of an organization.
Financial management is both raising and using money in an efficient manner. Is your check book always balanced? Do you smile with glee when the auditor comes, knowing your books are correct to the decimal? Maybe you are already a treasurer or financial manager. If so, get ready to calculate your financial management skills with these quizzes.
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    What is the best criterion in evaluating the performance of a financial manager:

This is IFM quiz for students of Semester 2 July 12-13 batch (Sec C), Alliance School of Business, Bangalore. This quiz will be for 20 minutes students need to answer 30 questions. By Prof. Sarath Babu

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    Which of the following is not a form of corporate control that could reduce agency problems for an MNC?

Financial markets

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    Which of the following is not a type of financial market?

Personal Financial Planning Final for Spring Semester 2012. High School Course.

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    Which of the following would be considered a variable cost in owning a vehicle?

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    The ratio of production volume to total variable costs in company X is as follows Production                                     Variable Costs       (in units)                                          (in euros) 60.000                                              240000 62.000                                              254000 64.000                                              272000 This is an example of:


Financial Management Questions & Answers

Why is wealth maximization more important than profit maximization when it comes to financial management?
Both profit maximization and wealth maximization are important parts of financial management as both are necessary for business assessment and making way for sustainable performance. There are many reasons for which health maximization is more impor
What are the characteristics of a company limited by shares?
There are three correct answers to this question. Those three answers are B, There exists an agency relationship between corporate management and shareholders, C, Shareholders can vote at the company s Annual General Meeting, and E, A company is a se
What is the payback period for this investment? The Seattle Corporation has been presented with an investment opportunity that will yield cash flows of P30,000 per year in Years 1 through 4,...
When you conform to what others believe or conform to the behavior of others, it is usually a result of group pressure whether it is real or imagined. It is a social influence that changes a belief or behavior. It can be stated as “yielding to
What is the best criterion in evaluating the performance of a financial manager?
There are two correct answers to this question, which are C, Maximizing shareholder wealth, and E. Maximizing the company s share market price. As the name suggests, a financial manager manages the finances of a company. It helps employees learn the
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