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What does it mean to organize people towards a common goal? How do businesses separate tasks and assign them to workers? These questions and more are asked daily in business management. Our society is dependent on businesses. They keep the economy running.
Businesses are complicate beasts that use human (the people), financial (money, loans), technological (computer systems), and natural resources (oil, wood). It is virtually an art being able to bring all of these components together and meet one’s goal in business – making money. Think you can succeed in the world of business management? Can you predict trends, plan projects, organize people and resources, and command, coordinate, and control these factors– all at once? Organize your thoughts and find out with these quizzes. 

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    Over the weekend, Mitt Romney announced that Representative Paul Ryan would be his running mate in November’s Presidential election. Where was the announcement made?

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    Earlier this week, Unilever—which owns Hellman's, Lipton, Vaseline, and Dove—announced what new marketing strategy for Europe?

For a business to thrive it has to be properly managed from the human resource manager to the credit control managers. Having taken an extensive class on business management the quiz below is designed to test out what you...

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    A form of business that can have many owners and issue stock.

Code of Ethics & Responsibilities / Implementing Rules & Regulations of RA 9646

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    First offense violation in any provision of the Code of Ethics and Responsibilities,  sanction is?

Music Business for Eric

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    It is an infringement of copyright when

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