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Did you ever think about all the effort that goes into the making of one product, whether it is a simple children’s toy or a lifesaving piece of medical equipment? There is even a lifecycle to the development of these products. This lifecycle includes the planning, forecasting, development, production, and marketing of a product.
Are you into designing new products? Can you predict what people will want next season? Or maybe you see yourself as a modern day Don Draper? Either way, there is a place for you in product management. And what is the purpose of all this product management? Sales (and money) of course. Get your design and advertising ideas and put them to use in these quizzes about product management. 
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    The process of creating or improving a product or service is refered to as

Product Marketing is the procedure of launching a new product in the market which depends upon branding, advertising and taking feedback from salespersons and customers to improve the product. There are several factors...

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    The product life cycle:

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    The PRIMARY reason for the failure of Google Wave is because

Girl Scouts can take this quiz to test their product knowledge.  This is good practice to prepare for selling Girl Scout Cookies.  Knowing your product will help you answer questions customers may have.  Good luck!

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    Which Girl Scout Cookie is shortbread dipped in fudge?

Product quality management is a set of tools that one to control and manage the data related to product quality across enterprises. There are three ways in which this can be achieved and this is through quality control, assurance...

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    Represents the number of units handled correctly through the process steps