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Leadership is hard to describe, but when you see it in a person, it’s hard to do anything but admire it. Leaders define political groups, business enterprises, and social movements, and forge ahead to make progress where others can’t seem to find a way. Other people flock to them – for better or for worse.

Great leaders and terrible ones have shaped the history of the world, from kings and generals like Charlemagne and Saladin, to dictators like Pol Pot and Robespierre. Whether you want to polish your own leadership qualities, or you just want to know more about what shaped these leaders of the past, shouldn’t you answer this leading question by saying “yes” to taking our leadership trivia quiz?

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  • Sample Question
    I am the next:

This short quiz will help you narrow down what type of leader you are and how you can improve your leadership skills!

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  • Sample Question
    How important is being noticed or having status to you?

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    A new advertising campaign is being created for your new product launch. Do you:

Lets see how much you know meMUST READ BEFORE YOU TAKE QUIZ!0 or lower points:dont know me10 points:barley know me20 points:still dont really know me30 points:kind of know me40 points:know me a little50 points:know me a good...

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  • Sample Question
    What does kimble like more?

Identify which type of leader you are. This quiz reveals the leadership colour that matches you.

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  • Sample Question
    Where do you see yourself in five years?

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Leadership Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Power and Leadership?
If you don't take your time and consider these two words; power and leadership, you might easily conclude that they are referring to the same thing. Power refers to the capacity of an individual to have a level of dominion or control over others in a
What does SMSgt Mitchell’s comments best illustrate(and its impact on SNCO effectiveness) in the following scenario? After reassignment as a Detachment Chief, SMSgt Mitchell tells his section...
C is the right answer to this question. What is a budget cycle anyway? This refers to the process that budget goes through from the very first time that the budget was created and stabilized to the other steps of the process which include the followi
While in a deployed location SSgt Nix says to TSgt Miller, “Yesterday, while on that evacuation flight, the oil line started to leak on the helicopter. After an emergency landing, I...
According to the Advanced Resource Stewardship section, ideas are generated, screened, and improved to ensure fact fortified ideas are forwarded to personnel such as wing and MAJCOM commanders for implementation consideration. Before submitting an id
Who is the great Leader Donald Trump or Narendra Modi?
Narendra Modi is the current prime minister of India since 2014, he is the 14th and current prime minister of India and the first prime minister outside of the Indian National Congress to win a second term in office. Modi is a great leader because he