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Just by reading this introduction, you’re participating in communication. Singing, sign language, Braille, and business emails all fall into the realm of communication, which comes from a Latin word meaning ‘to share’ – but words aren’t the only thing that can be shared when two people are communication.

There’s non-verbal communication, from body language to facial expressions, that may tell someone as much as the words you say aloud; there’s the way you make eye contact when you’re telling the truth versus the way your eyes drift when you slip into a lie; communication even includes the emoticons in the texts and emails you send to your friends! Learn all about communication – written, oral, verbal, and non-verbal – by taking our quiz, and then communicate to us about how you liked it!
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Can you pass this 911 dispatcher practice test? A 911 Dispatcher is a communication personal who's responsibility includes transmitting (sending/receiving) pure and reliable information, tracking equipment and vehicles,...

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    ________can be defined as behavior and attitude patterns exhibiting standards and character marked by pride in oneself and one's career, respect for the people served and commitment to the continued development of skills in the pursuit of excellence.

From Foundations of Nursing by Christensen Kockrow, pages 36-55  

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    Which of the following is a true definition of Communication? 

This questionnaire will help you become a more effective communicator by giving you insight into your communication style. Answer each question as honestly and accurately as possible. Think about the way you would really react,...

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    Other people would compliment me for being...

This quiz has some true or false questions on effective communication! Effective communication is a reliable tool that most people seek to have when it comes to discussions, and it can be achieved when a point is put across in an...

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    Is [effective communication important in the workplace] true or false?

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    During the course of taking a history, an example of a confrontational response would be

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Communication Questions & Answers

Can a word processing file can be attached to an e-mail message?
E-mail messages can include attached files such as word processing documents, spreadsheets, text files, ZIP files, images, executable applications, and other types of computer files. These files exist on the sender's computer network, and included at
What is the meaning of Hello?
The word "Hello" has its origin back in 1827, if we go by the Oxford dictionary. It is extensively used as one of the most common conversation starters around the globe, along with "Hi" and "What's up?" over the phone or
Why is communication so important? What is one way communication?
Communication is essential in our society, as it is because of the exchange of thoughts, opinions, feelings, and facts that we can learn from each other. Effective communication is a crucial component in learning, teaching, and forming relationships
What is the most crucial factor in public communication?
The most critical factor in public communication is the audience. An audience is one or more people who come together to listen to the speaker. You should know your audience and learn things such as their general age, gender, education level, religio
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