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    Tick retail giant not operating in India?

Retail Management Online Quiz-01, BBA-06

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    Which one of the following E-Tailers uses the internet to push its good or service but also has the traditional physical storefront available to customers?

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    There are many facets to security including good housekeeping and loss control.

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    This theory of retail evolution states that retail institutions pass through different phases from "low-status, low-profit margin" phase to "high-cost, high price vulenerablity phase"

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    In terms of the ______ Provision, all premises must be kept clean, free of smells or leakages, and must also provide for the safety of employees.

Retail Management Questions & Answers

What should the sales associate do (when a customer gives a buying signal)?
The best answer to this question is D. The customer service representative should close the sale. There is a possibility that the customer will still change his mind because of various reasons. It may be because of the price. It may be because of the
Which of the following tick retail giant is not operating in India?
The answer to this is A. Some people are not familiar with Nuggets Market, mainly if this does not operate in their country. This is a supermarket chain that is considered to be upscale. The flagship store of this supermarket chain is in California,
Which of the following is NOT a primary area of accountability for a Retail Manager?
1. Research and long-term planning of the merchandise that will be sold in the store.