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    You have joined a software development project as project manager when it was in execution stage.You and your team is busy on it since last 4 months. So far the project is on track.But there is one work package which is troubling you. Nobody exactly knows who is responsible for it. Even the work associated with it is unknown. Account department is unaware of its code of account. Which of the following would best help you in this situation.

This is a qiuz to determine the weakness of scope management knowledge area.

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    Which project management plan guides the creation of the detailed projectscope statement?

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    You are the project manager of the OQH Project and are working with the project stakeholders to determine the project requirements. You and the stakeholders are discussing as many solutions to the project as possible. A recorder documents all of the solutions on a white board so everyone can see the ideas and how they may be related. After the solutions have been documented, you lead the group through a voting process to discuss and rank each idea and requirement that has been proposed. What is this requirements gathering called?

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    Tasks in a WBS that are decomposed into smaller tasks are called ____ tasks.

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    Which of the following breaks the project scope into smaller, more manageable pieces called work packages?

Scope Management Questions & Answers

Which system defines how the project scope and the product scope can bechanged?
1. Project scope change control systemA. The only system that defines how project and product scope can be changed is the project scope change control system.
Which one of the following is not needed to define the project scope?
1. Risk management plan At this point, you wont need, or likely have, the risk management plan to define the project scope. A, B, and D are incorrect statements, as youll need the project charter, organizational process assets, and the requiremen