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Mаrketing mаnаgement аnd estаblishing а mаrket orientаted orgаnizаtion with the emphаsis on the customer is а core ingredient for аn orgаnizаtion’s success. It is due to mаrketing’s role in the relаtionship between clients аnd compаnies. Initiаlly, there wаs mаrketing 1.0, а set of prаctices oriented towаrds the product. This theory evolved into mаrketing 2.0 аt the centre of which was the consumer. Customer wаs given the utmost importаnce. Аnd finаlly, todаy, every compаny tries to аdopt the mаrketing 3.0 philosophy thаt focuses on the community аnd the role of the compаny in thаt given community.

Аs you mаy find out by tаking these quizzes, mаrketing remаins one of the most exciting corporаte jobs. Here are some sample questions: “Whаt is а mаrketing informаtion system?”, “How is Mаslow’s hierаrchy of needs relevаnt in estаblishing the mаrketing mix?”, аnd “How is the mаrketing plаn delivered?". Attempt our quizzes on marketing management today!
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    It refers to any person who takes more active part in the process of exchange.

A quiz on the Business topic Marketing Mix.

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    What is a target audience?

Strategic marketing means identifying the customers' needs or public and creating a marketing strategy plan to satisfy customer's requirement and improve the company's performance and increase profit. There are...

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    An ability to determine marketing strategy to affect customer mindset is considered as:

This tests your marketing skills, focusing on everything in the Marketing 101 course. The questions for the test is provided by distinguished professor Melker Melkersson at Stockholm School of Economics.  If you...

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    Q - Management Information System consists of people, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, ____________, evaluate, and distribute information to marketing decision makers.

This quiz is focused solely on the four P's of the Marketing Mix.

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    Price is always the most important factor of the marketing mix


Marketing Management Questions & Answers

Who is a wholesaler?
Wholesaling is the sale of goods or merchandise to retailers who would include industrial, commercial, institutional, and other business users; or to other wholesalers and related services. It is the sale of goods to anyone other than a standard cons
Can you rank the four Ps of the Marketing Mix in the level of importance (1=most, 4=least)?
Product=4, promotion=3, place=2, price=1. Sinece the product far exceeds the capabilitied and usability of the iphone and Blackberry, the high quailitiy of the product could be mostly attractive to customers. With the good product, we should find eff
What is the correct definition of marketing used by the Chartered Institute of Marketing and the others are fundamentally flawed?
1. The management process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitablyRemember that a key definition of marketing revolves around the whole range of business processes that seek to satisfy customers need
What is the difference between Management and Marketing?
Some people may become confused with management and marketing because they seem similar. When you say business management, this means that you have to learn how a business can be managed. You will know the different aspects of the business and how yo
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