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  • What is the maximum number of characters you can use?
    What is the maximum number of characters you can use?
    Oh my golly, Are you serious? I should type on the internet. I just want to be listen and open a discuss in the classroom. Its very annoying to me and let me sleep instead to blah everyone period.

  • Is Tumblr still popular?
    Is Tumblr still popular?
    This question has been asked many times by many people. So, let us discuss it. Personally, I can see, some users are taking less interest in Tumblr nowadays. However, it is not dead yet as there are still over 5 million users on Tumblr worldwide, including me. In today’s era, there are many apps and websites like Instagram, Twitter etc, that are grabbing more attention among the users. That doesn't mean Tumblr is dead or unpopular. Basically, it depends upon the choice of the people, their priorities, and of course, the purpose for which, they are going to use these social media sites. For microblogging and posting interesting content, it will always occupy the top position among other social media websites.

  • How can I gain instant followers on Instagram?
    How can I gain instant followers on Instagram?
    This question has been asked by almost every Instagram user. So, let’s discuss it. Although, there is no magical way via which you could increase your followers in an instant on Instagram. However, I am going to share some of the tips with you, which I have applied personally. So these might differ from others. Let’s take a look at some of those useful tips: Try to use popular and trending hashtags in your posts. For example Instagram or Hashtags. By doing so, you will grab the attention of the right users and it can gradually increase your likes or comments. Start randomly liking the posts of other Instagram users on a daily basis. But, this is applicable only for those who have enough time in their daily lives as it takes too much time to liking others posts. Always post your photos or videos during the peak hours. Sunday is the most effective day. Ask your friends or relatives to follow you by sharing your Instagram profile on other social media platforms. These are some of the tips I suggest but they don’t guarantee that you will get more followers on this photo-sharing app. Just try and be yourself and you might also get lucky.

  • What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?
    What is the difference between Facebook and Instagram?
    Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest tech giants. Out of the two, Facebook was started as ‘FaceMash,’ a social networking platform in July 2003, which later was changed to ‘The Facebook’ on 4th February 2004. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow Harvard roommates. Whereas, Instagram, on the other hand, is a photo and video social networking service, founded and released by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on 6th October 2010. Anyhow, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Both the services are cross-platform, available on every OS possible.   Now when it comes to the differences between both the services, there are a few. Let’s have a look at them :     The Basic difference is that Facebook is all about building new connections and communicating with people, either strangers or your friends. Likewise, Instagram can let you follow anyone that fits in your mental scenario. It can also be used as a portfolio to showcase your artwork, may that be your photographs, writing, or illustrations.   Even though Facebook is an older platform, with 2.37 billion monthly active users, Instagram rose to fame much faster and serves 1 billion monthly active users as of now.   Instagram’s UI is much more appealing comparatively, plus it’s expanding its horizon to make it more friendly. Facebook’s UI is turning out to be dated like it was in 2012 or so. If you don’t think likewise, Why do you think Facebook bought Instagram then? ;)   A commendable advantage that Facebook has over Instagram is that you can run and promote your business over Facebook through pages, communities, and Marketplace, that makes it more versatile than Instagram, though almost all of the remaining features are likewise on both the platforms.   When it comes down to which one is better? Then I’d say both have an extensive user base and are improving in every way possible, it’s all a question of personal preferences of how you are conditioned to operate. It’s up to you, the user. Choose Wisely!

  • Which social media have been completely forgotten?
    Which social media have been completely forgotten?
    Everybody knows that there are a handful of social media companies who dominate and control the market these days. When the social media boom started, there were several companies who were trying to carve themselves a niche'. Some of the social media platforms that have been completely forgotten are ones such as Google Buzz and Yahoo Buzz. Both of these would allow for social sharing of pictures and articles and the such. Some of the other social media platforms that have been forgotten are hi5 and Friendster. A lot of people do not realize that WalMart actually had a social media site. It was started by the company in order to reach out to teenagers. It would allow for users to share statuses and pictures and also upload wish lists of products that they wanted from WalMart. These forgotten sites certainly cast a light on the vast amount of social media sites that were around when they first started to become the fad that they have become.

  • What is the most popular day for tweets?
    What is the most popular day for tweets?
    Friday is the most popular day bc every one gose to the game-

  • Why was Facebook selling user data to companies?
    Why was Facebook selling user data to companies?
    The reason that Facebook was selling the data of its users to other companies was to help increase the revenue that they were earning through advertising. Simply put, Facebook would have an agreement to be able to advertise on a particular company website. In turn, that company would be able to place ads on Facebook. If it was a shoe company, Facebook would provide user data so the shoe company would know the exact user pages in which they should place their ads on. Facebook would sell user information such as their likes and tastes and even their past browsing and clicking histories. Users were becoming suspect when companies would place ads in user pages and the users were wondering how the company knew such personal information. The practice was contributed to the Cambridge Analytical scandal which forced Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to have to go to Washington, DC and testify before a Congressional panel. Zuckerberg also made an apperance before a session of the British Parliament. He has stressed that Facebook has changed the ways that it stores and uses the personal information of its users.

  • Why do privacy policies exist?
    Why do privacy policies exist?
    Privacy policies exist because it ensures that any users who end up using a service or going to a website will have the assurance that their personal information will be protected. It will let a user know that their personal information is safe and there are measures being taken to protect that information. This has become a more widely used practice in the world of online technology especially on the heels of the deletefacebook scandal. People are more and more becoming worried that companies will sell their personal information to other companies without their consent in sort of the same way that Facebook was doing. Privacy is something that anyone wants to make sure they have when it comes to the protection of any personal or sacred information. When privacy policies are implemented and put in place, it lets everyone involved know that there are policies and rules that have been put in place to make sure that the private information of users is protected and not being sold or accessed by other outside entities.

  • What are some of the most ridiculous internet trends?
    What are some of the most ridiculous internet trends?
    The internet is certainly famous for its laundry list of trends. There are some of those trends though that are very ridiculous. One trend that is very ridiculous is taking pictures of food. People love to take a picture of what they are eating at a restaurant and is a trend that has taken off around the world. Live tweeting and updating every five seconds is another ridiculous trend on the internet. Another ridiculous trend that has made its way on the internet is meme's. It was a trend that caught on and was popular for a while but now is used so much that it has worn out its welcome. Plus a lot of the meme's are ridiculous not only the fact that it is a ridiculous trend. Then there is the ridiculous trend of Snapchat filters. People adorn their photos with so many filters that it actually makes the person who is getting their picture taken look worse.

  • Why was Hi5 shut down?
    Why was Hi5 shut down?
    A lot of people tend to forget that hi5 at one time was one of the top social media sites and networks in the world. With the ever increasing popularity of both MySpace and Facebook, hi5 started to lose its luster and eventually would be bought out by the company who operated the site, Tagged. Tagged wanted to bring a social gaming aspect to the social media world and that was what they wanted to do with hi5. These same developers came up with a pure gaming site which would be shut down not long after it started. hi5 was forced to shut down because the site was not able to compete with the hype that was associated with both MySpace and Facebook at the time. Both sites would eventually embrace and utilize the same technology that hi5 tried to innovate. hi5 essentially became a victim of being outdone and outclassed by their competition. They didn't have the firepower to be able to stand up and compete with Facebook and MySpace.

  • What were some of the biggest mistakes made by celebrities on social media?
    What were some of the biggest mistakes made by celebrities on social media?
    The mistakes that celebrities have made by posting on social media are too numerous to mention. Celebrities love social media because it allows them to connect with their fans on a broader scale. The thing is that when they disclose personal information and let fans in on their personal matters, it is the biggest mistake that can be made as far as social media goes. There are very extreme fans who go as far as stalking celebrities. When a celebrity goes on social media and tells people like where they are or where they have been, fanatical fans will know where to go. There are those out there who will take it to the extreme even to the point of wanting to hurt or even fatally wound their favorite celebrity. Celebrities posting on social media also opens up the opportunity for feuds to start all because of what somebody posted. One simply could not list the amount of mistakes that celebrities can make when posting and utilizing social media.

  • Why did Facebook leak private data to Cambridge Analytica?
    Why did Facebook leak private data to Cambridge Analytica?
    Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was quick to explain why his company was selling user data to Cambridge Analytica. Zuckerberg was summoned to testify before a United States Congressional panel and even had to make a trip across the Atlantic to London and testify before the British Parliament. Zuckerberg explained that the reason that Facebook sold user data was to help with the increasing of advertising revenue. Essentially, Zuckerberg exposed user information to other companies so that when those companies went to advertise on Facebook they would be able to target their ads to people who fit the description of wanting to use their service or shop at their establishment. Users were becoming suspicious because they were curious about how a company was able to know personal information about them and how they knew to place their ads on particular pages. Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal has come about, Zuckerberg has stated that he and his company will change the way that they utilize the personal information of their users.

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