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Digital media is a vastly complex field that has revolutionized the way we look at pictures, access information, listen to music, and communicate. Digital media encompasses a number of formats, like computer software, digital images, and video games.
Despite digital media’s perceived newness, did you know that the first computer program was created in 1823? Can you name three more types of digital media? Facebook, smartphones, and computers have completely changed how information is created, stored, and received, and many believe that digital media will completely wipe out print media in the future. Are you a digital media junkie, or could you live without computers and smartphones? No matter which side of the debate you’re on, our digital media quizzes will help you learn more about digital media and get your brain stimulated.

Answer the following questions after reading the DIGITAL MEDIA pages posted on the class web site.

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    A *halftone* is a pattern of tiny dots used by

Digital Media Quiz covering Scanning, Colour models and Resolution

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    The term HUE refers to....

Please choose the best answer for each of the questions below. This pre-assessment will help me know what you know about Digital Media Arts. This is not a test that will be counted toward your grade.

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    What is multimedia?

Test on Elements of Design and Principles of Design

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    Jesse is creating a poster for the school play using reds and oranges to evoke emotion. What element of design is he using?

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    Through Digital Media Outlets we can establish Sentara Medical Group as a group of quality physicians who are trusted medical experts and dedicated to providing personalized care. 

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Digital Media Questions & Answers

Are earphones an example of a device that allows people to view multimedia?
False, earphones aren't used to view things, they are used to listen things.
What is the meaning of panning a camera?
Pan means move the camera to left to right / right to left without move the camera position