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  • How do you pay credit card debt fast?
    How do you pay credit card debt fast?
    D is the answer, $6,923.08 over 18 years.

  • What happens to it if a Bill gets vetoed by the President?
    What happens to it if a Bill gets vetoed by the President?
    Question is a little misleading. Congress only tries to override vetoes if the think that they have the 2/3 votes necessary to override. Vetoed bills aren't automatically subject to override.

  • What type of government has a king or queen that holds all the power?
    What type of government has a king or queen that holds all the power?
    The correct answer to this question is A, Monarchy. This single person also performs ceremony duties and is a symbol of the country that they are in control of. When the person in charge passes away, someone else in the family will take charge and become the ruler. Like all governments, there are both pros and cons. One pro is that decisions are made quickly because just one person is making the decision. When a decision is made, the person in charge generally has everyone's interests in mind, which means the majority of the people are happy. However, the downside is that you can have a ruler who takes the abuse of the power that they have.

  • What is the difference between Unitary Government and Federal Government?
    What is the difference between Unitary Government and Federal Government?
    Two of the most common ways whereby a country can be organized are the unitary and federal government. In the federal government, powers are shared within the local, regional, and central authorities; while in the unitary government, the concentration of the power is in the hands of the federal government. The unitary government aims at achieving a cohesive and unified nation, while the federal government lay down some rules and regulations to guide the operation of the governmental system of the country. Both unitary and federal government can either operate a democracy or monarchy system of government, but the unitary government is often associated with the monarch system, while the federal government is often associated with the democracy style of government. Though there are several countries that practice the unitary government, about 27 countries have the federal government with the United States being the most popular of them all.

  • What is the difference between Communism and Totalitarianism?
    What is the difference between Communism and Totalitarianism?
    Communism and totalitarianism are ideologies that stand separate in their economics and political senses. Some might link the two together, but they are different in relatively every aspect. In totalitarianism, which term means total control, the society is having less power, while the concentration of power is on the state. On the other hand, the term communism refers to less power. This is a system whereby society is powerful, and they have a say in the affairs of the state. Totalitarianism can be said to be synonymous to the term monarchism or authoritarianism where the society’s opinions or thoughts are not reckoned with at all unlike the communism where the people in the society make the major decisions. Totalitarianism system of government is right to wind, while the communism system of government is left-wing. In communism, the people are eligible to handle resources and can also be in ownership of properties while totalitarianism does not allow for people to handle resources, as the state is in charge of everything.

  • What is the difference between Dictatorship and Monarchy?
    What is the difference between Dictatorship and Monarchy?
    Some people believe that monarchy and dictatorship governments are the same, but they are quite different. A dictatorship has a negative connotation because the dictator usually rules with an iron fist and controls all of the power against their citizens. A monarchy has a more positive connotation because it has a king and queen. Today, governments that have a form of monarchies usually have kings and queens that do not participate in government issues as much. There is another group of people who do that. The dictator often makes all the rules and laws for that country. That is one big difference. Fewer countries have had dictatorships for their government, and more countries have had monarchies, especially in the past in our history.

  • What happens if a civilian or soldier is detected in the DMZ?
    What happens if a civilian or soldier is detected in the DMZ?
    If a soldier or a civilian is detected in the DMZ, their fate is basically determined by which country catches the person. If South Korea catches the person, they will likely be deported, if they are not a Korean citizen. This happened in 2017 to a man from Louisiana who was caught trying to enter North Korea from South Korea. He claimed he wanted to help resolve tensions on the Korean Peninsula. If a soldier or civilian is detected in the DMZ by North Korea, they are immediately shot. This too happened recently. A North Korean defector trying to escape was shot and wounded.

  • Who controls the U.N. Army?
    Who controls the U.N. Army?
    The United Nations (UN) army is controlled by the UN’s Office of Military Affairs. The peacekeeping forces on the ground in various locations throughout the world are led in the field typically by a civilian Head of Mission (usually a Special Representative of the Secretary-General). The “UN has no standing army or police force of its own. Military and police personnel, from UN member states… are members of their own national service first and are seconded to work with the UN. They wear their countries' uniform and are identified as UN Peacekeepers by a UN blue helmet or beret.”

  • What are some examples of brilliant diplomacy?
    What are some examples of brilliant diplomacy?
    There are many examples of successful diplomatic efforts so it is hard to choose just one but I would suggest one of the more brilliant examples might be the Egyptian-Israeli Peace Treaty of 1979. While there are still problems between Egypt and Israel today, the peace treaty did put an end to wars that had erupted between the two countries five times between 1948 and 1973. Both Egyptian President Sadat and Israeli Prime Minister Begin were awarded the 1978 Noble Peace Prize for their efforts. Unfortunately for Sadat, his efforts were not popular with other Arab leaders and he was assassinated by Islamic extremists in 1981.

  • What is the main difference between a customs union and a free-trade area?
    What is the main difference between a customs union and a free-trade area?
    In countries that use customs unions identical tariffs are used but in countries that are free trade areas different tariffs structures are used. Because of the unified rules within places that use custom union when goods are traveling between those places and places that are free trade areas the rules of the customs union must still apply. Given this fact different free trade areas are really only free to impose their own rules if they are trading with other free trade areas. There is all kinds of leadway that can make free trade areas much more pleasant to deal with or much worse to deal with depending on the rules and laws that end up being inforced.

  • Who is the most successful U.S. President of all time (and why)?
    Who is the most successful U.S. President of all time (and why)?
    This is of course a question that asks an opinion so you may want to disagree with me but I think Barack Obama is the most successful United States President of all time. Interestingly, C-SPAN’s third Presidential Historians Survey ranked Obama 12th overall, which they said is quite impressive given it was his first time under consideration. C-SPAN’s survey rates presidents on ten qualities: public persuasion, crisis leadership, economic management, moral authority, international relations, administrative skills, relations with Congress, vision, pursued equal justice for all, and performance within the context of his times. For me, the fact that President Obama led us out of the economic crisis and never had one scandal during his two terms in office make him the winner.

  • What is the difference between a dictator and a monarch?
    What is the difference between a dictator and a monarch?
    A dictator assumes absolute power for himself and at best is a leader who takes total control of a country that has lost its way. He may well be self-chosen and put into leadership position by a series of bribes, threats and worse. A monarch is a hereditary leader, a king or a queen, the first born or chosen successor to a deceased king. these are historic lines of descent and the monarch is not chosen. Nor does the monarchy depend upon capability, talent, looks or any other quality except the blood connection. To keep the monarchy 'pure' in the past a monarch from one country would be paired off with a suitable monarchic relative of a friendly country. Europe maintained peace or attempted to by such monarchic ties between their countries. Times have changed to a degree, but not totally!

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