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So you live in a country? How is it governed? Are you an expert in all things political? You think you are? Excellent...then prepare to take the stand and show you can in a debate, of sorts. Only, your opponent won't be me, it will be a list of questions. These quizzes are all about governments. See if you can answer questions about the differences between democracy and monarchy, how they differ and which is stronger. Can you tell why oligarchy didn't work in South Africa? Can you tell whether aristocracy and dictatorship will work or not?

And whilst we're on the subject...see if you can answer questions about taxes and their origins...did they really arise from the dark ages? Only you can debunk the myths and wrong answers!

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  • What type of government has a king or queen that holds all the power?
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  • Type of government where one person or small group hold all the power
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  • Type of government where all voters in a community meet to make laws and decide actions
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  • Statement: Large number of people affected by the flood in the area gathered at the relief camp for food, water and shelter organized by the state government. Assumptions: I.                    The relief camp has enough supplies to provide food and water to the affected people in the area. II.                 All those whose houses are submerged can be accommodated in the temporary shelters. III                  Many more affected people are yet to reach the relief camp

  • Statement: “If you desire to enjoy the best holidays to Europe, join our exclusive EURO package”. An advertisement of a travel agency in an Indian newspaper. Assumptions: I.                    Many Indians travel to European countries to spend their holidays. II.                 There are other travel agencies in India which organize holiday-tour to Europe. III.               Many people may still travel to Europe through other travel agencies.

  • Statement: “If you are a first class graduate with at least 65 percent marks, you are eligible to apply for the post of officer in our organization”. An advertisement for recruitment of officers. Assumptions: I.                    There may be adequate number of applicants who will fulfill the stipulated educational qualification. II.                 Those graduates who have secured less than 65 per cent marks may not perform well on the job. III.               Those candidates who have secured 65 per cent or more marks in graduation are likely to perform well on the job.

  • Which branch of government makes the law
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  • Which branch of government enforces the law?
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  • Which branch of government interprets the law?
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  • The Mars Curiosity Rover is being put into a protective sleep during the government shutdown

  • Social Security checks will continue to be sent out during the shutdown

  • Obamacare is on hold now due to the shutdown