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Which treaty was signed to end the Spanish-American War? When did mercantilism originate?

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A quiz to practice for your Chapter 21 Test.

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    If a colony was run by ____, local elites were removed from power and replaced with a new set of officials from the mother country.

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    A primary purpose for building the Suez Canal was to

Would you like to know the history of imperialism? Simply take this quiz and test yourself now. All the best!

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    Which is a reason for imperialism?

Imperialism and WW1 exam.� There is a multiple choice and a writing section to this exam.� Have fun!

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    If I supported Teddy Roosevelt's theory of expansion in the Caribbean, I would love:

The British ruled over India for almost ninety years, where they exploited their lands and products. They did not give the Indian people the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of their labour or give them access to medical care as...

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    The army of the British East India company was treated horribly.

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Imperialism Questions & Answers

What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
The original task of the conference was to concur that the Congo River and Niger River mouths and basins would be deemed neutral and open to trade. • Part of the Congo Basin became a personal kingdom for King Leopold II. • Under his rule,
What is imperialism?
Imperialism is a policy that involves a ration extending its power by the acquisition of lands by purchase, diplomacy or military force. It is the policy of increasing the rule or authority of an empire or nation over foreign countries. Imperialism c
Why did the British orientalists lose to the imperialists?
Orientalism is a designation used by art historians and literary and cultural studies scholars for the emulation or depiction of aspects of Middle Eastern, South Asian, and East Asian cultures. Orientalism excludes all but British, French, and Arabs.
What are the positive aspects of imperialism?
Imperialism is positive for imperialists. It gave them a new market, a new labor force, and a fresh supply of raw materials. The desire for Europe to colonize weaker countries resulted in the improvement of education and sanitation in those colonized
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